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America slogan is land of the free and home of the brave and no truer words can be…

America slogan is land of the free and home of the brave and no truer words can be spoken about our civilization, especially one patron named Dennis Hof.

He is the star of HBO show “Cathouse” and owner of the bunny ranch (The link is NSFW) in Reno, Nevada, but as it is glamorized on TV, he constantly faces the criticisms from people with Christianize values. I had the privilege to be educated by a man who stands behind what he believes in and here is what he had to say!

I ask Dennis, “Sex sells, but why do woman, who choose to look like what is being presented to them by the media get a negative backlash from it?” Mr. Hof states, “The media uses woman and many other aspects as a marketing technique and some woman use sex and many other aspects to bring attention to them. Be a whore in bed and a lady in public or be a whore in public and a conservative in bed, woman are always fighting repression, whether it is from a religious upbringing, and/or just fitting in with Hollywood glamour. Society knows how to command attention and in doing so it is money in our pockets.”

Hanging off his every word I become more intrigued with the charismatic and intelligent wisdom of Dennis Hof, I ask him, “What was it about Ron Paul 2007 Presidential campaign speech that made you support him?”  Dennis states, it was the message of his campaign perspective, which was” It’s not the role of federal government and it’s not in the constitution for federal government to regulate prostitution.  The Nevada voters and Legislature have decided it is legal activity in this state.” Being so, the high profile bunny ranch is run with such class, the discretion of its employees and clients making the fifty-five year old business more valuable than ever.

Dennis has not only proven to me that he can’t be debated, he has also shown me that he really cares about his employees. His speech and dedication to his company values are we do not tolerate drugs and alcohol abuse, but support one another with vital issues like continuing with school and/or leaving the ranch. Mr. Hof states, “I run a business and just like any successful company there are guidelines, one must follow in order to make it achievable, if a girl is here, it is because she wants to be here and if she wants to stay, then she must abide by the rules.”

Scholar is the title Dennis Hof, has earned from me, with every question I ask him, no matter how much it seems to be defamation of his lifestyle, character, and affiliations. He stays cool, calm, and collective, as he answers my questions and makes me feel flustered and complex as to “Wow, he is dead on and why can’t others see that!”

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