We’re Bringing Lyrics Back: Living Proofe’s “Common Ground”


She was a picture perfect vision of art
The silent type
Conservative in her demeanor when approaching her right
And to her, the thoroughbreds wasn’t doing it right
She found it hard to breathe around them
Was consumed by their type
When she typed,
Thoughts poured out on the page like rain
The night was photogenic
Flashed light on her frame
She held a lonely silhouette
Never drew it in vain
Words paint a pretty picture
But there’s so much pain
Her family would tell her that there’s so much strength in her name
All she had to do was keep positive thoughts in her brain
Every time she blinked, somebody close got caught in the game
When you’re surrounded by violence
Then it’s hard to stay sane
She used to spend several hours staring out at the rain
Fallen tears like the drops hitting her window pane
Holding on to her emotions
Just as long as they came
Complex, but in reality
They simple and plain…


Living Proofe from “Common Ground“.

These lyrics capture Hip-Hop in its purest form and from what it’s supposed to be all about and that is Poetry.  In the opening verse to this track, Living Proofe sets the stage and the tone for the main character in these theatrical masterpiece.  This song has a cinematic feel to it and the metaphors walk you down the path that this girl has traveled.  It kind of reminds me of Tupac’s “Brenda’s Got a Baby”.

What are your thoughts as we try to bring the Lyrics back in hip-hop?

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