We’re Bringing Lyrics Back: Scarface’s “Girl You Know”

It’s been a minute since we have heard any sound out of Texas, from a hip-hop prospective at least. Yes, the lone star state is home to many artist like Beyonce, Slim Thug, Chamillionaire, Paul Wall, GS Boyz, Dorrough, Bun B, and the late Pimp C. But you can’t mention Texas without mentioning Scarface. He is the frontman of the group, Geto Boyz, who gave us the classic “Mind playing tricks on me”. A pioneer in the southern hip hop music scene who was also responsible for one of hip hop’s most classic albums, The Fix, which received a 5-mic rating. The Houston-bred rapper has a resume equal to legendary, and lyrically, he does not disappoint. Check these lyrics from “Girl You Know” feat. Trey Songz from his album “MADE”. The beat samples the soul classic by Lenny Williams, “Cause I Love You”. Nice old school feel, with a twist of dirty southernistic sound.

[Verse 1]
I think if Adam would of had another squeeze he might
not have ate those fruits from the leaves of life
Far as Eve, there couldn’t have been a more deceiving wife
Seeing the nigga had a weak spot and she was right
I just call it how I see it, she in love with him
And he in love too, but still be fucking all of them
Can you imagine you on lock with one breeze for life?
Waking up in the morning and laying down the night
with the same face looking at you all the time
Realizing now that happiness was hard to find
You wanna go out and try to find that smile and face
Plus she’s always mad, and her sex ain’t great
And she don’t suck dick like she used to do
Force a nigga into trying to find him something new
And on the real, I done seen it when it went like this
But girl there’s one thing happening that you can’t forget


[Verse 2]
But you can never be my main boo, we can remain cool
But we can’t be seen and for this I can blame you
Because you got more miles than a F-350
You been ran through, and I know for a fact you got history
But since we met, I’ve been hearing your name in certain circles
Pussy got a snap like a turtle
And you can catch a nigga on the late night
Coming out the club, half drunk off Remy and Sprite
And make a man out of him quick cause of how you handle the dick
It’s unlike no other, she a bad motherfucker
But I’m too strong to let a hoe undercover
make me look fucked up, because unlike those others
I done met a lot of freaky girls in my lifespan
So you can’t get mad because I am not your man
Your under-standing was bad, it was not my plan
for you to fall in love with me, girl it’s not like that


[Verse 3]
For me to say that, “I do,” would be a lie because I don’t
believe no woman is right for me so I won’t
Try to talk myself into thinking she is
And if she leaves me for this, that’s just one less bitch
And trust me, I tried to be a one woman man
But for every one woman, there’s a man, home man
Saying, “Damn, I done spent six years in this shit
the first two was cool and then the bitch just flipped”
And then that’s it, had to make some new plans
‘Cause your brand new woman got a brand new man
Now you’re hurt all alone, steady hitting her phone
But a bigger dick and longer bank roll, she gone
And if I ever say, “Maybe,” and you thought that I might
You consider, just imagine what my wife was like
And if you ain’t love my kids like you loved your own
And me unconditionally when I was wrong, I was gone

[audio:https://theurbantwist.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/13-Scarface-feat.-Trey-Songz-Girl-You-Know.mp3|titles=13 – Scarface feat. Trey Songz – Girl You Know]

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