Shane Diesel: Humble, Sexy, and Politically Informed

Shane Diesel has a job that a MAJORITY of men would kill for and that is to have…
Shane Diesel

Shane Diesel has a job that a MAJORITY of men would kill for and that is to have sex with lots of beautiful women and actually get paid.  I’m obviously talking about porn, which I’m sure that some of you that are reading this right now have viewed yourselves and may have even seen Mr. Diesel himself.   Shane Diesel is in fact of of the most popular black men in porn, and I got a chance to catch up with Mr. Diesel himself.  With porn being a billion dollar business, I decided to ask him how he was helping people out with some of the money that he has made from it.  Anyway, just check the interview out below.

Christina Jeter: We all know the adult industry is a billion dollar business, what have you done to help Haiti victims and do you donate to any other organizations?

Shane Diesel: Yes the industry is a billion dollar business and we have profited from it for years, all the way around. The addiction to porn and sex is strong and will continue to be as long as we are on this planet, so with this constant flow of money we should contribute to society in some way and I do. When Katrina happen I unloaded my closet (and trust me I have tons of nice clothes LOL) and bought tons of water from Wal-Mart and donated all that through the airlines which I work for. The only charity I donate to are families that are hit in some form with HIV and AIDS, kind of goes hand in hand with the sex industry so we should do our best to help out. Haiti is a tough one for me I have felt America and Dominican Republic should have been helping the Haiti government and Haitian people for years not just when a major quake happens. Now everyone is rushing to give all kind of aid but what is it going to accomplish? They still will be a third world country in our hemisphere, so sad. Most people don’t know that at least 50 percent of Haitian youth is incarcerated from the age of 12 to 20 that’s where the true devastation rest, NO FUTURE FOR THE YOUTH. I travel to the DR all the time and Miami and feeling towards Haitians is so bad. So much racism and negativity and they are wonderful people. We need to contact our politicians to help change our policies towards Haiti and allow more of them in the states to get educated and to help their own.

CJ: Do you only make movies with white women?

SD: Not true I have made movies with American blacks, Latinos and Asian but the majorities have been with whites. Why whites mainly? Because that’s the niche in porn and it sells and people want to see it. So it’s more by their choice than mine and it outsells the other, I am still just a hired cock LOL. In my personal life I judge by charm, personality and of course sexuality.

CJ: You now direct and act in your own movies and how did that come about and do you have any main stream projects in the works?

SD: Well let’s say after being in front of the camera and knowing how things work I needed a new challenge and New Sensations is a very good group of people. They encouraged me to take the next step. It’s so much more fun directing myself and way more enjoyable. Picking my own girls and setting up the type of scenes that I know will turn me on and the viewers 😉 As far as main stream projects, I do have some in mind but not in the works yet but the one I do have in mind is a good one.

CJ: This society is addicted to social media; do you have any websites where fans can keep up with what you are doing?

SD: Nope none at this time.

CJ: Do you feel men are treated differently from women in the adult industry and have you lost friends or family from joining the business?

SD: HA HA I love it! Porn has giving me the opportunity to truly see how our culture is when it comes to sex and women. Porn is the only job where women have the advantage over most men in it and many of them truly deserves it but the men are so stupid in the industry MOST OF THEM ARE JUST HORNY DOGS!  LOL. We do all the work and the pressure is on us to stay hard and position everything and cum on Que, on top of that take orders from another man or woman on how to have sex LOL how silly but that’s the side of it and all the woman truly has to do is lay there look pretty and fake it when she wants to. No I have not lost family or friends to the business I have very few friends anyway and never talk about porn around my family.

CJ: The saying is “Bigger is better “when you lost your virginity did the girl think so?

SD: (Laughs) No.

CJ: Tiger Woods: Do you have any advice or job opening for him?

SD: Tiger is just fine it’s the media that’s out of control, a good looking young man with a name (tan and money equals’ lots of pussy) leeches and publicity, negative and positive.

CJ: Do you have any opinions about Larry Flynt’s bailout plan?

SD: You gotta love Larry Flynt he is the only real white Nigga in America God bless him. To a certain degree, yes the state should give porn a better tax break.

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