Ron Artest Challenges Michael Jordan to a Game of One-On-One to End Lockout

Metta World Peace AKA Ron Artest has a plan to end the NBA lockout and that is to beat Michael Jordan in a game of One-On-One.

Ron Artest, like all of the NBA players, really really REALLY wants the NBA lockout to end.  Ron Artest, or should I say Metta World Peace, even has a solution to end the lockout that noone has ever thought of.  And I mean noone.

Artest’s solution is to play the greatest player ever to lace up, Michael Jordan, who is now the majority owner of the Charlotte Bobcats, to a game of One-On-One.

Ron Artest/Metta World Peace took to his Twitter page to challenge his airness to the match and if he wins the game, the lockout’s over, and if MJ wins the players will obviously remain locked out even though it doesn’t sound like Arrest plans on losing.!/MettaWorldPeace/status/138859713998749697

The whole thing sounds like a win-win for Metta World Peace to me.

Obviously Metta hasn’t been paying attention during these lockout negotiations.  MJ is just one of the owners currently locking out the players.  Is Artest planning on arranging a one-on-one tournament between himself and all of the franchise owners to help resolve the lockout?

I wouldn’t be surprise if he does, but wouldn’t count on him going undefeated.

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