YOLO: The Death of Morality

You only live once, yeah that's the motto, but it's time for us to wake up and realize that it is utter B.S. YOLO!

YOLO Drake

You only live once, that’s the motto…………….yeah, its time someone called this bullshit out on what it is.

Drake may have coined the phrase, but I can’t even imagine that even he would agree with the actions of many who has used his motto as an excuse for their actions. Just recently, Ervin McKiness, an aspiring rapper from Ontario, California tweeted that he was driving drunk moments before his car crashed and killed everyone inside. The kicker and his reason of course for driving drunk was YOLO. And of course this is an extreme case, but not far from the norm.

Many religions have their own theories on life, the afterlife, reincarnations, and the many times and ways that it allegedly occurs. The human mind and the evolution of it has made way for ideas, philosophies, and the implementation of those beliefs. Throughout the test of time, those minds have made the world grow, produce, and innovate for the sake of the generation to follow. Yet we cannot ignore, that there have been minds or mindsets, that have caused destruction, pain, bloodshed; the likes of which still shocks us down to the core this very day.

This very day, however, is different then the days of the Civil War, the flight of the Wright Brothers, the end of the Holocaust, Civil Rights marches, and martyrdom of a worthy cause. No Ladies and Gentleman, this very day has come down to the a simple phrase that is bringing about the demise of Morality. To me, the only thing we have left that keeps us civilized. YOLO!

The hip-hop culture (and I do not say black culture because it no longer is limited to race or where you are from anymore), has adopted this way of life as gospel. Although our society have seen its share of ignorance, pure disregard for life,lack of dignity, and integrity, it was almost always met with the iron fist of morality. The corner stone of society that simply would come along and say “That aint right, you gotta do better”. Yet, the failure to be civilized and coherent of what is the basic right and wrong, is being rewarded.

Mindless whores that leave nothing to the imagination with their pictures, drinking half pints of semen in front of the world, have become superstars, sought after on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. No meaning Tatted-up Niggaz and snapback hat wearing boozos have become dangerous with just a simple post and the enter key. Let alone the violence, bullying and humiliation that has now become entertainment to us via Youtube, WorldStar, and other video outlets. WE HAVE BECOME SAVAGES!!! A nigga with a hash tag is DANGEROUS!

Public beatdowns have become sport, amatuer videos of the smutting out of young women with no shame until they find out there was no legitimate Kardashian reward, IS NORMAL!! Boasting of murders, crimes, deceiving of love ones and significant others, are no longer frowned upon but glorified and encouraged. IS THIS YOLO!?!? So now we have an excuse to take lives, act like we have NO damn sense, no sense of the our future and how our actions affect it? Yes, we have a life that is a gift, but a gift will turn to burden, and what sucks is that YOU have to live the rest of it with the actions from your #YOLO tirade.

Young lives were lost in that car crash, because of this phrase. A life of a possible teacher, caregiver, doctor, or the next President of the United States. What have we become, and what will we allow our children to become? I don’t blame Drake, he is only an entertainer, but should only be limited to that realm.

Frankly, I want no part in this type of culture.

Do you?

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