‘Aaliyah: The Princess Of R&B’ Sucked But Still Became a Hit for Lifetime

There aren’t enough words to describe the travesty that was Lifetime’s movie based on Aaliyah’s life…and produced by Wendy Williams. But one of those words is that movie became a “hit” for Lifetime.

I’m sure Aaliyah fans all over the world have been anticipating a movie of the R&B Princess.

We’ve waited long in hopes to finally see our lovely diva on the big screen to re-live her legacy once again.  Aaliyah fans have indeed waited a lifetime to see her beautiful legacy portrayed in a film, so I guess the Lifetime Movie Network was the perfect fit seeing that we have waited a lifetime for our Baby Girl!  Unfortunately the Aaliyah Movie was not what us Aaliyah fans expected.

When you think of Aaliyah you can’t help but to start singing along with her to one of her soulful hits, but the movie did not have Aaliyah’s vocals, instead we were singing along to the actress whom played Aaliyah voice.  This was so disappointing!  I understand that there were issues involving using the real Aaliyah’s voice however, if we as fans can not have the real Aaliyah then there should not be a movie!  Millions of fans worldwide tuned in to Lifetime the night of the movie debut to hear the real Aaliyah’s vocals to her never forgotten hits, and to not hear her beautiful voice was very disappointing.

Another talent that comes to mind when you think of Aaliyah is her famous “hip roll” signature dance, which was also failed to be properly executed throughout the Aaliyah lifetime movie.  I applaud Wendy Williams for being bold enough to step out and make the Aaliyah film because after all it was what Aaliyah fans have wanted for some time now, although if it ain’t right, then it just ain’t right!

There are rumors implying that the film was made against the beloved singer family wishes, and if this is true then I for one believe that the family wishes should have been respected.   At least give the family something to be proud of Wendy!  Wendy Williams made a Twitter post after the movie premiered stating “Let Me Know is my favorite Aaliyah song , what’s yours?”  Sadly, the correct title of the song is entitled “At Your Best”.  This explains why the movie was so terrible, it’s clear that Wendy Williams needs to do more research on the late but great Aaliyah.

Never should you ever discredit a great legend, and this mistake of her song title is indeed discreditable.  Next time please do your homework before you try another biopic film Mrs.Williams!

Set aside the poor vocals in the film,  failed hip roll attempt,  and mistake of her song title, the film actually wasn’t that bad.  The film did touch on the hush-hush marriage between Aaliyah and R.Kelly, which has been a question of some Aaliyah fans for some time now.  Overall I do feel the movie could have been much better, but it was “OK”.  The legacy of our Baby Girl Aaliyah will forever live on for many generations to come, she will always be in our hearts.

Despite the displeasure of the film to most people, the overall image of Aaliyah will always be stunning, talented, gifted and forever “One In a Million”.

Rest peacefully baby girl.


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