5 Date Ideas This Holiday That Won’t Break Your Wallet

The holidays can be hard on your wallet. Try these date ideas to save money and have a good time during the holidays Low cost dates with priceless memories.

The holidays are always a busy time especially for our wallets.  It’s cold out and most of us want to spend our nights indoors cuddled up with someone. Hot chocolate, cookies,popcorn and holiday movies are what most of us are doing, but for those of you who prefer to go out; here are some great date ideas to try that won’t break your wallet.

1. Drive In Movies

Drive in movies aren’t as popular as they use to be, but they are still tons of fun to go to and pretty cheap as well. Picture yourself snuggled up in your car with junk food and snacks that didn’t cost you nearly 40$ like they do at the movie theater. You and your date get to enjoy two new movies back to back for the price of one. Your seat goes as far back as your car will let it and you’re as toasty and cozy with your date as you want to be.

2. Ice Skating

If you’re looking for something festive for the holidays you might want to try ice skating. Keeping each other warm on the ice can be a lot of fun, and really romantic. Ice skating will cost you less than going to the movies or going to dinner. A lot of skating rinks even have certain days where they do discounts for a time period. You and that special someone holding hands, using each other for support, laughing as you skate carelessly on the ice, or try to anyways. If your guy really starts to get into it, hockey skates can make a great present, and you can use this hockey skate sizing guide to make sure you get him the perfect pair.

3. Holiday  Parties

We all have those office parties or annual holiday parties with friends and family. Those parties can be great dates, and cost you as much as a bottle of cheap wine. You and your date can have a great time partaking in the Christmas games, spiked eggnog, and  delicious holiday food/snacks. You can cut loose and really get to know your date without the pressures of typical date settings, or having to spend a handsome amount of money. And everyone is in such a joyful mood your date is bound to have a good time.

4. Go See The Lights

Some people take pleasures in the simple things like holiday lights. There are parks, neighborhoods, and community centers that decorate with Christmas lights and put on small concerts. Sometimes they serve coca and Christmas cookies to people who come out and they don’t charge you a dime. Seeing the lights and hearing the holiday songs will put a warm feeling in anyone heart, especially your dates….unless you’re dating the Grinch.

5. Holiday Game Night

Invite your friends or other couples over for drinks, games, and holiday fun. Team up with your date and go head to head with your friends or other couples. Cut loose and get into holiday charades and Christmas pictionary, losers have to kiss under the mistletoe. Your date will enjoy being on a team with you and having fun with your friends. The cost of having a game night is less than a typical date or even free.

The holidays are a time for cheer, love, and fun. If you’re not to keen on staying in try these dating ideas when you go out. The cost won’t break your wallet, but the holiday fun and memories you have will be priceless. And leave you plenty of cash to get gifts for your love ones.

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