After Being ‘Charged Up’, Meek Mill Releases Drake ‘Diss’

Meek Mill finally released his diss track… Or that’s what we hoped it would be.

A few days ago, Drake released a song that did just enough to get our attention. His “Charged Up” song lacked assertiveness, a dynamic flow, or anything that made it special. It’s not even an intimidating warning track. Regardless, it was still hyped by his fans and prompted a response from Meek Mill – during Nicki’s concert.

Don’t worry, nothing special happened there either. He just claimed Drake’s song was “baby lotion soft” (yes, he said that, because that’s the first thing you associate softness with). Thus, an unconfirmed diss track was born.

After “Charged Up”, Hot 97 promised a track from Meek Mill dissing Drake to be aired on July, 27 at 7 p.m. Thousands of listeners tuned in to hear the single but were disappointed. The song wasn’t played a few minutes after its “release time” – or a few hours after for that matter. While “Earned It” and “Trap Queen” were on repeat for those few hours, people took to Twitter express their disgust. Amist the boredom, someone made a petition to remove Funk Flex, head DJ for Hot 97, from his position and Hot 97 entirely.

Where Is Meek?

During the day of his alleged diss track release, he dropped his video for “All Eyes On You”. The video is basically just Nicki walking around a mansion looking out-of-Meek-Mill’s-league while her looks on with immense happiness – this is irrelevant to the diss track, obviously. It’s safe to say Meek saw that he was supposed to be dropping a diss track. So he went on Twitter to post his diss track…

Meek’s Diss Track

Okay, maybe all he did was scream into a mic. Actually, that’s all he did. And somehow he got his fake accounts people on Tumblr to reblog the video, making it look authentic. First and foremost, I am disgusted. This was so unnecessary. Meek knows he needs the relevancy, so he should at least finish what he started. Drake is soft, he won’t reply with a heart stopping diss. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!?!?

Anyway, we can all agree that he was playing us. Or that he doesn’t want to respond to Drake with a single. Probably both. That’s all in Meek v. Drake news today.

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