Aunt Sues Her 8-Year-Old Nephew? Really?

Jennifer Connell claims her 8-year-old nephew acted unreasonably when he leaped into her arms, causing her to fall on the ground and break her wrist four years ago. So she sued him.
jennifer connell aunt sues

So an aunt sues her eight-year-old nephew for accidently breaking her wrist. Sounds like a joke right? Well sadly, this is real and viral! But I really do wish this was fake. I mean this is crazy!

So get this. Jennifer Connell went to her nephew’s birthday party where he hugged her. According to her, she fell and broke her wrist. Afterwards, she claims her life was never the same. So I guess she woke up one morning and decided it was a good idea to sue her nephew that’s only eight. Way to go Aunt Jennifer.

I can only imagine the eight-year-old and what he was feeling. He must’ve been terrified and thinking that his aunt must not like him. Poor baby. Kids will be kids. So he made a mistake, it happens! No reason to scare the life out of him. Geez.

Moral here, parents, aunts, etc. Kids will be kids. They will get messy, make mistakes, but that’s how they learn and explore. So let your kids be kids. They won’t be kids forever. You blink and they’re adults, all grown up.

Jennifer Connell, your nephew is eight. He didn’t mean to break your arm. Instead of suing, you should’ve forgave and forgot. Lesson learned, right? I hope so!

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