Zayn Malik Delighted to Have Dinner with Perrie Edwards’ ‘Twin’ — New Lover?

Zayn Malik caught dinner with a beautiful girl not long ago, who kind of resembles his ex, Perrie Edwards.
Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik has long broken up with Perrie Edwards. However, tensions between the two continue to this day.

On the other hand, the public is constantly curious with a girl who would be able to win the heart of the former One Direction member. The public’s curiosity seems to be missed a little with the photo.

Malik caught dinner with a beautiful girl not long ago. Many are wondering whether the blonde girl is Malik’s new girlfriend. However, what makes the public more curious is the face of the girl that seems familiar.

The girl, who turns out to be an actress named Wallis Day, has a face similar to Edwards. Not only her face, Day’s blonde hair is even more similar to the member of Little Mix.

Apparently, Malik could not hide his happiness to have dinner with Day. Looking casual with T-shirt and jacket, Malik was seen smiling happily in the photo.

Meanwhile, Day is an actress and model who was born in London but lives in Los Angeles. Day and Edwards look similar. Can’t Malik move on from Edwards yet?

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