#ArtistTalk: Tasha McIntosh Was ‘Chosen’ to Sing Out Her Purpose

The lovely and multi-talented, Gospel recording artist, Tasha McIntosh, has been singing and writing songs virtually her entire life. It’s as if she was called to sing from birth.

The lovely and multi-talented, Gospel recording artist, Tasha McIntosh, has been singing and writing songs virtually her entire life. It’s as if she was called to sing from birth. Her father, the late Joe W. Foreman, was an accomplished singer and multi-instrumentalist before Tasha was even born. Growing up under such a powerful and inspiring talent only assisted Tasha in nurturing her gift. Joe jammed with the late BB King and the late Michael Burks, lead singer of the world-renowned Michael Burks Blues Band.

Tasha led songs in her church choir from the tender age of five years old. She actually wrote her first song at the age of ten years old. When she finished high school, Tasha studied music for two years at the University of Pine Bluff on a choir scholarship. Her first single entitled: Chosen was debuted on September 30th and her fans have since gotten to know so much about her.

I sat with Tasha today to gain a little more insight into the phenomenally gifted artist herself and to delve further into the back story of her newly released single “Chosen”.

Amy Wesley: Tasha you wear so many hats and you make it look easy [Laughs]. How do you support a sense of balance, being involved in multiple projects and activities?

Tasha McIntosh: “You know it’s not always easy. As a wife and mother of three, balancing a musical career can get complicated. I also serve as Praise and Worship Leader at my church. While these are all things that I love, it takes a good support team to help keep me on track. You can’t do it all by yourself. I’m so thankful for my husband. He’s always willing to jump in and help me out when I need him. He is the best husband I could ever ask for. My loving mom is also very supportive and she always assists me in any way she can.”

AW: You have the most melodic voice and you create the most beautiful songs. What is your creative process? And do you prefer to write solo or do collaborations?

TM: “Most of my songs are inspired by life experiences, The Holy Spirit and the Word of God. I usually write solo, but I love to write with the accompaniment of music. When someone is flowing on the piano or guitar and they are playing beautiful melodies, lyrics just begin to flow out of me. It’s just natural.”

AW: You can definitely tell by your music that it just comes naturally for you. Do you have a release date set for the album? If so, when is it?

TM: “I don’t have a release date set at this moment, but we are looking toward next fall at the latest.”

AW: Well your fans are eagerly anticipating it. Tell me a little about your record label or are you independent?

TM: “Right now I am independent but I am looking at having my own label in the near future.”

AW: Tell me who your target audience is for this album?

TM: “Oh this album will have something for everyone. I feel like everyone out there is in need of encouragement and that’s what I want my music to do for people. I just want to encourage them.”

AW: That is so powerful. Yes, even sometimes just a bit of encouragement can go a long way. Now I know that some artists have many, but who are a couple of your musical influences?

TM: “My very first musical influence was my Daddy, the late Joe W. Foreman [Smiles proudly]. He was an awesome singer and musician. I grew up around the Blues and Blues singers. My dad played with BB King and Michael Burks. These were consummate musicians. And I can’t leave out Ce-Ce [Laughs]. Cece Winans definitely influences me. I love her and her music.”

AW: I agree! CeCe is legendary. Now I know you’ve mentioned Gospel and the Blues. Have you had any experiences or collaborations with artists of any other musical genres?

TM: “[Laughs] Actually, I have! I was blessed to be a lead singer in a Christian Rock band for three years. It was a great experience.”

AW: Well I think your fans would like to know what you do to relax and let your hair down. What’s your guilty pleasure?

TM: “[Laughs] I absolutely love to travel. I love taking road trips with my family and just seeing the beautiful world that God created. Hmm, my guilty pleasure, I would say, is lodging in luxurious hotels and fine restaurants. Visiting art galleries and going to theatrical musicals and plays are also things that I absolutely love to do.”

AW: With all of your recent success, everyone wants to know how they can follow you and book you for events. What are your social media handles, etc?

TM: “Everybody can follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. For booking purposes, my email address is singtasha77@sbcglobal.net.”

AW: And finally, what is the message behind the song “Chosen”?

TM: “The message behind “Chosen” is: There are so many people out there who don’t know God nor do they know the purpose God has for their lives. I want people to know that when you find God that’s when you find purpose in this life. God has a strategic plan just for you, and no one can carry out this plan except for you.”

Well, Tasha is a prime example of just that. God definitely strategically ordered every step of this young woman’s life so that she can live out her very own purpose through the ministry of singing and songwriting to touch each and every one of our lives in the unique and amazing way that only she can do. I’m so glad that she’s been chosen to share her exceptional gift of music with the world.

Check out her song Chosen below. She is currently shooting the music video for that right now and we’ll be sure to update the post with video once it comes online.

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