Korryn Gaines Story Is Sad But It Was Not About Race

The killing of 23-year-old Korryn Gaines had nothing to do with race or police brutality. Here's why this all really happened.

Korryn Gaines was a 23-year-old woman and mother. Her life ended tragically this past Monday in Randallstown, Maryland in a standoff with the police. A lot of people are calling this a black lives matter issue. I disagree. This event had nothing to do with race. This is not an article to bash Korryn Gaines. This is just an article on true facts.

The reason why Korryn Gaines was shot and killed by police in her apartment is this. Korryn had several misdemeanors including disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, and yes parking violations. She had a court date due to her misdemeanors. She missed her date. That called for a warrant for her arrest.

A woman on Twitter shared these thoughts.

First of all, Korryn Gaines broke the law. Period. On several accounts. It doesn’t matter why she missed her court date she missed it. Second, being a smart woman I’m sure she knew what the consequences were. Lastly, Korryn Gaines should have complied with the police. If Korryn would have turned herself in she’d be here today, but she’s not due to her actions. She didn’t deserve to die that way, but these are the reasons why.

People usually turn themselves in when they know they’re guilty and about to be arrested. The police showed up to arrest her because that’s their job. They knocked and she didn’t answer, but they heard noises inside of her house. As a result, the police had to resort to getting the key from her landlord. When they opened her door she was allegedly waiting for them with a gun; which would be unacceptable if true, but they did have an active standoff. Due to the standoff, Korryn Gaines tragically lost her life.

Given the facts, I don’t understand why people are comparing her to Sandra Bland, who had no prior charges, and broke no laws.

We can’t compare Korryn Gaines to Philando Castille, who was complying with the law before being killed. This is not a similar story. Therefore we can’t treat it the same. No amount of anger and rage can change that.

My thoughts and prayers are with her son and the rest of her family.

Rest well sister.

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