The 5 Biggest Style Mistakes Men Make Every Day

Most men make some terrible style choices every single day. Here are five mistakes you should avoid, to avoid embarrassment.

Think about what you wear every day. Would you say these clothes are fashionable or not? The problem in most men nowadays are that so few of us put any real thought into what we wear, even though we should. If being a more stylish man is your goal, check out these five style mistakes men make every day, and do your best to avoid them.

1. Wearing Clothing That Doesn’t Fit

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Whether you are overweight, skinny, muscular or anything in between, fit is king. A horrible fitting outfit looks nothing but sloppy and awful and doesn’t flatter you. Wearing form-fitting clothing just makes you look and feel better in every sense of the word. And buying fitted clothing doesn’t have to be expensive as you think. With a bit of time, research and searching, you can find affordable clothing that will fit you impeccably.

2. Socks and Sandals

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Of all the horrific style mistakes that guys make, for some reason, this is among the most prevalent. Not only does it always happen, it looks awful. Sandals are meant for the beach or for extremely warm climates, the exact opposite of when you need socks and sandals. There is really no reason to ever wear socks and sandals outside of making the quick walk out to your mailbox.

3. Overdoing it With the Cologne

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Your style is much more than your clothes, it is everything about you and your presentation to others. Let’s face it, we all want to smell great. But the path to smelling great isn’t to bathe in your favorite scent. Wearing too much of even the best smelling cologne can gross out everyone around you. When it comes to cologne, less is more.

4. Not Paying Attention To Your Shoes

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You really should pay attention to your shoes, because everyone else is. When looking at the outfit of someone else, most people begin by looking at the shoes. If your shoes are dirty, scuffed or just plain ugly, people will notice and it will likely affect their opinion of you. Keeping shoes clean and wearing the right shoes with your outfit will help you make that great first impression.

5. Clashing With Colors or Accessories

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When it comes to dressing well, matching your outfit and making sure it all flows well is very important. If you are wearing some loud bright red pants, wearing a neon green shirt likely isn’t a good idea. Tossing on a simple black, white or grey shirt is definitely the way to go. Now, you don’t want to “match” per se, but just find clothes that have complimentary colors. Also, it is important to make sure your accessories match your attire. You wouldn’t wear an expensive diamond watch with sweats and a t-shirt.

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