Aries Spears is Suing Radio Station For Being Attacked On-Air

Aries Spear is lawyering up.
Aries Spears

Comedian Aries Spears has reportedly lawyered up, and is set to sue the Corey Holcomb 5150 show for an assault he fell victim to, at the hands of co-host Zo Williams in April.

TMZ reports that Spears has hired attorney Ben Meiselas of Geragos & Geragos to make the case that he was only going with the flow, and putting on a comedy routine, as was expected he would when he was invited on to the show, at the time Williams took offense to a comment he made.

Fans will recall Spears appearing intoxicated and brave with his words when he began to talk about “light skinned n****s” being loud, in the presence of Williams, who himself has fairer skin than Spears. Although Williams was becoming visibly upset about Spears’ remarks, he continued to dig in, provoking Williams to repeatedly punch him in the head.

The suit will assert that in Spears presenting the very same content often delivered by the likes of Chris Rock and other comedians, he should never have found himself in the kind of “defenseless and innocent” position that made him vulnerable to attack. Spears is said to be making the case that the Corey Holcomb show knew of Williams’ propensity for violence, and failed to staff the studio with adequate security.

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