Teen Charged for Planting a Pressure Cooker Bomb Under His Ex-Girlfriend’s Bed

The bitter ex-boyfriend of a high school student in New Mexico attempted to blow her up, after living with resentment towards her since they split nearly one year ago.

Apparently breaking up with your boyfriend in New Mexico can get you blown up. Reportedly a teenage ex-boyfriend of a high school student in New Mexico attempted to blow her up for allegedly breaking up with him about a year ago.

Ethan Guillen, 18, got tired of living with bitterness towards his High school ex-girlfriend and decided to blow her up an offense that can attract a sentence of up to 10 years for being in possession of a destructive device.

The court papers indicate that the lady last heard from Ethan Guillen around 5 months ago through a note which she found taped to her window back in December. However, she still had a gut feeling that the ex-lover may have been responsible, when she discovered explosives under her bed upon returning home from her graduation ceremony on Wednesday, May 31.

The device Guillen left consisted of nuts, bolts and homemade explosives packed into a pressure cooker. It also had fireworks fuse sticking out of it, and bore the same kind of tape that investigators found in Guillen’s Albuquerque home when they followed up on the girls’ suspicions that he may have been the one who planted the bomb. Authorities believe the device had been sitting under the bed undetected for up to two weeks. While at Ethan’s home they found a “black powder” concoction and other pieces of evidence related to his bomb making.

Apparently, the complaint affirmed that Guillen told the investigators that he snuck into the home through a back door balcony, tucked the pressure cooker away and set the appliance timer for 1:30 a.m.

He later waited up listening to a police scanner, in order to hear whether the plastic, styrofoam, and gasoline assisted explosive had gone off or not, the complaint alleged.
An ATF agent, in the complaint, said Guillen was told a baby and a small child lived in the neighboring room. But Guillen “did not care” and only wanted the victim dead, the complaint alleges.

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