Mexican Film Students Captured, Tortured and Dissolved in Acid by Cartel

Two members of one of Mexico’s most notorious organized crime syndicates have been arrested, and authorities are on the hunt for several more, after three abducted film students were reportedly tortured, killed, and dissolved in acid. The case has drawn the sympathies of many across the country south of the U.S. border due to the murders being a reported case of mistaken identity.

“Without knowing it, the students were in a very dangerous place which was being watched by hit men from the New Generation cartel,” a statement released by the Jalisco prosecutor’s office reads in regards to the news. The victims in question are said to have selected a house belonging to one of their aunts on the outskirts of Guadalajara as the location for a project they were shooting for school. Little did they know that the dwelling was being staked out by the cartel due to its common use by members of a rival gang.

Upon leaving the site, on Monday, April 23, the boys were reportedly approached by the suspects, who used fake detective credentials to kidnap them and transport them to a safe house where they were beaten and slain. Investigators reportedly found tubs of sulfuric acid and traces of blood which was traced to the diseased, at the spot.

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