#ArtistTalk: Going ‘Str8 Forward’ with Phaeva Phawty

You can think of him like as a young “Meek Mill from Philadelphia,” but I wanted to know what inspired him to follow his passion, turn his writing into music, and create a ‘Str8 Forward Album’.

What is the inspiration behind your music?

My music is my escape from reality. I’ve experienced a lot in life. You know they say self-motivation is the best motivation. As I jot down what I’ve overcome it inspires me to never go back to where I made it out of. Real life circumstances bring life to my music.

What sets you apart from other artists?

Originality and authenticity. Not dissing any other artist but my music has substance. My intentions are always to uplift the listener.

How come you are compared to a young Meek Mill from Philadelphia?

I’ve been referred to as the Meek Mill of the South due to the storylines my music consists of. When you have been through it, the best thing to be from there is a great influence on the public. So, I feel we juxtapose in that area as well as the way we’re both unique with our styles and lyrically inclined.

How did you get the name Phaeva Phawty?

I actually said it in one of my song’s years ago. My nickname was 40 out the womb. In the south we Say “Phawty.” When I said Phaeva Phawty I’m Phawty Phaeva in a track it stuck with me. Simply because regardless if I’m under pressure or on a smooth sail, I’m Phaeva me!

What inspired the title ‘Str8 Forward’ for your upcoming album?

Str8forward was inspired from the direction. No more going backwards, no more beating around or sugarcoating how undeniably talented I am as an artist everything coming from me will Str8forward from here!

How did you go about showcasing your music and talent?

I stay ambitious. The grind never stops. Show after show. Blog after blog. Hit after hit. And so on and so on.

What would you be doing if you weren’t an artist?

I’m an artist from every aspect. I have been doing music since I was 7 years old which makes 21 years for me now. Outside of my music, I’m an entrepreneur, fashion designer, husband, father, and I have trades in asbestos, insulation, construction, scaffold building, painting, and upholstery. All of that takes an art!

Check out Phawty Phaeva’s feature with Nelly’s label Derrty Ent artist T-Rell on his social media links: Facebook and Instagram is @phaevaphawty, and Phaeva Phawty on YouTube.

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