How Many Of These Spider-Man Villains Can You Name?

So how many of Spider-Man's classic villains can you name? Take this quiz to see how many of the web head's baddies you remember.

Over their decades-long history, Marvel has created some pretty wonderful and imaginative characters. From Thor and their take on Norse Mythology to their team of vastly unique mutants to their science experiments gone wrong, Marvel has proven their imagination knows no bounds. And one of the most popular and universally loved characters on their roster is the web-slinging, friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

When Peter Parker was first introduced in 1962, he became one of the most relatable superheroes Marvel had created, or would ever create. He was a dorky teen who was given incredible gifts that changed his life forever, something that many of Marvel’s reader base longed for. Not only that, but Peter’s identity as a student and nephew were just as vital as his role as a superhero. He needed to keep them separate, which made for many tough situations that heroes like Iron Man or Captain America never had to face.

Peter’s story also made for some fantastic villains. While the MCU has been criticized for its weak villains, the same can’t be said about the rogues’ gallery of Spider-Man. He’s faced off against other super-powered people, terrifying monsters, and even some of his friends. Some of these villains are almost as popular as him.

So how many of Spider-Man’s classic villains can you name? Take this quiz to see how many of the web head’s baddies you remember.

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