Men’s Winter Fashion: How to Look Stylish in All Weathers

As the mercury starts dipping lower with each passing day, it is time to say goodbye to summer clothes and prepare for fashion in winter.

As the mercury starts dipping lower with each passing day, it is time to say goodbye to summer clothes and prepare for fashion in winter. While the layering and the heavy jackets may not allow you to flaunt that muscular physique that you have been sculpting for years in the gym, winter is the perfect opportunity for men to show off their sense of style, without going overboard. In case you are not totally sure about how to do that exactly, here are a few key tips that will make you stand out from the crowd this winter.

Layering is Essential

In the simplest of definitions, layering means wearing multiple layers of clothes on top of each other to stay warm, but as we are concerned with style here, layering needs a bit of understanding that goes beyond just piling multiple layers of clothes on top of each other.

Generally, the layers can be divided into base layers, middle layers, and top layers. Now, which clothes would act as which layer depends totally on the attire or the look that you are going for. For example, when you are wearing a tee under a shirt, with a coat on top, the tee acts as the base layer, while the shirt and the coat become the middle and the top layer respectively. If the weather is really cold and you have layered a jumper on top of the shirt and just below the jacket, then both the t-shirt and the shirt become the base layer, with the jumper replacing the shirt as the middle layer. The general idea is to go from thinnest to thickest while layering, to keep yourself looking stylish and warm at the same time. The best part is that you can just take off a layer once you are inside and still stay warm and stylish all the same.

Chelsea Boots are a Must Have

At the first sign of snow, men love to pull out their big, bulky hiking boots for the winter, and while those may do a good job of protecting your toes from falling off with frostbite, they are pretty much a fashion disaster if you are wearing them in urban areas! The Chelsea boot, on the other hand, is one of the most stylish shoes to ever have been made for men, and if you are careful with your selection, they are good enough to keep your feet warm and dry even if you must trudge through mild snow every once in a while.

Check out the following Dune collection for a wide collection of men’s Chelsea boots: These are made with fashion, comfort, and warmth in mind. The versatility that the lace-less Chelsea boots offer to men, make them ideal to be paired with formal suits and casual leather jackets alike. The leather desert boot and the brogue boot are your other options if you want to stay warm and stylish at the same time, but a Chelsea boot is pretty much the first piece of winter footwear that you should be aiming for.

Choose Your Knit Cap Wisely

When there’s a cold wind blowing outside, and the temperature is below the freezing point, you really need to protect your ears with a knit cap. Unless you are into the unisex fashion movement, it is best to stay away from knitted caps that have pom poms on top or tassels hanging from the sides. Also, avoid bright colors and intricate woven designs. Instead, stick with the tried and tested black, dark brown or dark blue beanies and skullcaps.

The Right Coat

Choosing the coat is arguably the most important decision here since that choice will be primarily responsible for both keeping your upper body warm and for making that first impression when people see you out in public. However, there is no way that just one coat will be sufficient for all your needs, so here’s a small breakdown of the best styles to opt for.

The Duffle Coat – As stylish as they come, the men’s duffle coat is the perfect choice for casual fashion statements. These timeless, woolen coats are also perfectly suited to handle the typical London winter.

The Trench Coat – The usual trench coat for the wet months may not be enough to keep you warm, so opt for one with a woollen lining if you want to wear a trench coat in winter.

The Overcoat – Typically meant for formal and office environments, you will need one of these for work if you don’t already have one.

The Pea Coat – Originally designed for the navy and worn by everyone nowadays, the double-breasted pea coat is a piece of outerwear that can be worn to both casual and formal occasions, depending on the color, style, and material that you choose.

Admittedly, when it’s snowing outside, staying warm is the priority, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you will have to sacrifice on all fashion and become a yeti with a super bulky anorak just yet! It is possible to stay stylish across all seasons and these tips should help you prove that statement to everyone around you.

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