7 Ways You Could Scale Your Customer Support


There are a number of things that you are going to have to focus on if you want your company to end up being as successful as possible. Scaling all aspects of your company is one such thing. Scaling customer support can be tricky because of the fact that you could end up lowering the quality of the customer support you are providing during your pursuit of efficiency. Here is how you can scale properly.

#1 Start Focusing on Self Service

This is something that will allow you to focus less on quantity because of the fact that a lot of your customers will be able to help themselves. A lot of the problems that your customers could potentially face are the sort of things that can easily be solved on their own. Creating a tier 0 customer support system is definitely one of the most important aspects of scaling in a manner that would enable you to ensure that your customers stay as happy as possible as well.


#2 Establish Standard Procedure

While implementing customer support, there are a lot of situations where your customer service representatives might end up having questions that they need answered. The problem here is that if there is no standard procedure for handling common conflicts, there are going to be a lot of delays in the customer service that you actually end up providing people with. The fact of the matter is that standard procedure can help save time, which means efficiency has increased. Since the whole purpose of scaling is to increase efficiency, it stands to reason that establishing standard procedure is something that you are going to have to do.

#3 Use The Right Kind of Software

When you are tasked with creating a top notch customer support system that is scaled so that it is as efficient as it can possibly be, it is important to use software that would allow you to make the most of the aforementioned efficiency. The customer service app offered by Kayako is a good example of a help desk that can enable you to scale to the highest degree of efficiency, thereby creating a system that would benefit everyone in the company as well as the customers that you are trying to service.

#4 Take It Slow

One of the biggest mistakes that a lot of companies make whenever they try to scale pretty much any aspect of their business is that they end up taking things too fast. This can cause a lot of problems simply because of the fact that doing anything in a hurried manner is bound to end up creating a lot of problems for you in the long run. Taking it slow will allow you to see mistakes that you are potentially making and rectify them so that you don’t end up making them again.

#5 Create a Hospitable Work Environment

This is something that will require a bit of out of the box thinking on your part. If you want to scale your customer service you are going to need everyone that is working at your company to feel like they are respected and taken as seriously as possible. It is thus up to you to create a work environment that would enable you to make the most of the customer service that you are currently attempting to provide. The myriad benefits of this include a more loyal workforce which is something that would definitely allow you to enjoy a much higher level of success in the world of customer support than would have been the case otherwise.


#6 Hire The Right People

Apart from creating an environment that would allow the people that are working for you to work to the best of their abilities, you need to focus on hiring the right kind of people as well. Hire people that have the skills and experience that would allow them to be the best that they can be at what they are currently attempting to do. Hiring the right people can maximize efficiency which will help scaling become a much easier task in the long run.

#7 Don’t Compromise on Quality

This is somewhere you simply can’t make a single misstep. If you start to compromise on the quality of the customer service that you are currently providing, the results can be catastrophic for your company. The important thing to remember is that a single bad customer service experience for any of the clients that frequent your company could mean that you end up losing that client entirely in a manner that would end up making you lose a fair amount of revenue along the way as well. There’s no point to scaling if it ends up making you earn less money, after all.

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