Indian American Rapper Badari Releases Debut EP ‘Dream Journal’

(Image: Courtesy of Badari)

Indian American rapper Badari released his debut EP, Dream Journal. The project shows Badari is a promising artist to watch. The intro track, “Things I See in My Dreams” has a nice mix of a boastful singing voice and smooth raps. However, the singing is often better than the raps. As many who are young in hip-hop, Badari’s breathwork needs…work. He slows it down in Badari in “The Day Before Tomorrow” and “When a Tree Falls” but it needs extra oomph to be really dynamic. However, some lines prove Badari has talent when it comes to rhyming as seen in “House of Mirrors” and “Oceans” which are both standouts on the project.

Check out the album here.


Victoria Johnson
Freelance writer.

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