Ranking Hip-Hop Artists By Their Grillz

Hip-hop has long been synonymous with materialistic hedonism and grillz are no exception. Which rapper ranks number one with the most expensive mouth?

Grillz: Which Rapper Has the Most Expensive Mouth?

Hands up if you think of rappers when you hear the word ‘grillz’?

If your hand is up, you’re not alone.

Grillz are to rappers what fries are to a burger.

Hip-hop has long been synonymous with materialistic hedonism and grillz are no exception. Which rapper ranks number one with the most expensive mouth?

Blinging Out

Teeth grillz have been popular among rappers for a while. Since the early 80s, Atlanta Rapers like Raheem The Dream and Kilo Ali have been sporting them.

Thanks to a New York jeweler, Eddie Plein, the trend spread very quickly as Plein began custom-making grillz for rappers.The trend spread quickly up north when a New York jeweler named Eddie Plein started making grillz for NY rappers.

In his shop, Eddie’s Gold Teeth, he created gold caps for Flava Flav and Big Daddy Kane before moving the shop to Atlanta. In Atlanta, he continued to create increasingly elaborate grills.

These days, grillz are becoming increasingly blinged out.

At one point, a gold grill was seen as excessive. These days, even full diamond grills frequent the mouths of every other rap star.

Keep reading to find out more about grills for teeth and who has the most expensive mouth in the world of rap.

Paul Wall Power

The man behind the grill is none other than the legendary Southern rap icon, Paul Wall. He started a gold grillz company with Johnny Dang. And this is where it all started.

Paul Wall designed Lil John a set of grills made with diamonds and platinum. Yep, you heard that right.

This custom set of grills set him back a whopping $50,000 and earned him the label, “King of da Grillz” in a 2009 list.

Hip-hop power couple, Kelis and Nas, got matching grills designed by Paul Wall valued at $36,000 each. They celebrated their engagement with these sparkly mouth pieces but have since got divorced.

Kanye is King

We couldn’t possibly do a review of rappers with grills without mentioning Kanye West. grill teeth, 

Yeezy redid his whole grills teeth after they were destroyed in a car accident. After the accident, Kanye replaced his gold-only grill with gold and diamond grillz.

His grillz can be spotted sparkling along his lower teeth, as the rather large diamonds sparkle against the gold.

But the difference is that these are actually his teeth. Yes, you heard right. It comes as no surprise really.

Kanye lost his teeth in the accident and decided to have the gold and diamonds implanted into his actual teeth.

Weezy Works

Similar to Kanye, Lil Wayne also has diamonds in his teeth.

Long before Kodak Black, Weezy had diamonds implanted as dental implants.

In the same way as a traditional dental implant procedure, the diamonds were surgically implanted into his teeth. Whether they first replaced his teeth with fake ones or they implanted into his real teeth is unknown.

Either way, grills can cause serious health issues. Gum disease is a common side-effect of wearing grills for long periods of time. If their aim was to achieve a better smile and teeth, then putting the grillz aside would make more sense.

Lil Wayne’s diamond-studded teeth cost a whopping $150,000 and he claimed that he would ‘die in these teeth’. Unfortunately for him, he had to have something a bit more affordable popped into his mouth before serving time in jail. Awkward.

And the Winner is

The person who wore the most expensive grillz may come as a surprise. She’s not even a rapper.

Katy Perry wore a grill made of diamonds and precious gemstones worth a ridiculous $1,000,000! And Guinness World Records confirmed it’s the most expensive grill ever made.

The intricate grill was designed with the help of Dr. Dorfman who stars on the show Extreme Makeover. Katy Perry seems to care more about her smile than the rest. She only sported the grill for her music video, much to the relief of her dentist.

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