The Nigerian Brothers Jussie Smollett Allegedly Paid to Stage Attack Seen in Newly Released Video


Just when Jussie Smollett thought he was free and clear of controversy, a new video captures the Osundairo brothers in some type of action and it’s raising a few eyebrows again.

As we previously reported, Jussie claimed that two white men attacked him — not the Osundairo brothers. He stated Abel and Ola Osundairo were “as black as sin,” so it couldn’t have been them.


Now, during an investigation a couple of months ago, cops did find ropes and masks at the brother’s home. However, Jussie still maintained that they did not stage the attack. In a video released by the Chicago Police Department late Monday as part of a massive public records release, shows brothers Ambimbola and Olabinjio in the back of a taxi cab with one of them suspiciously covering his face. The video was captured the same night of Jussie’s attack at the desolate street corner near the actor’s ritzy, high-rise apartment in Downtown Chicago.

This video follows the newly released bodycam footage showing the actor with a noose around his neck.

Smollett was eventually charged with making a false police report after police discovered that he allegedly paid two men to attack him. However, the charges were later dropped by prosecutor Kim Foxx after further investigation. Since then, Chicago police have argued that Jussie Smollett did commit the crime and strongly believes Foxx made the wrong decision.
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