The Popeyes Chicken Sandwich: Will This Become The Doom of the Franchise?

Will this chicken sandwich become the downfall of Popeyes?

Popeyes has been around since 1972 but it became wildly popular in 2019 when they released their much sought after chicken sandwich. We’ve seen lines for blocks, people waiting in lines for hours reminiscent of when brand new iPhones would be released. 

The Popeyes chicken sandwich has been the ire of many people and news stories for most of 2019, but I’m here to tell you… this is actually bad, very bad for Popeyes and will possibly be the end of the franchise. 

You might say I’m crazy because Popeyes has never seen a surge in business like this. Most franchise restaurants never get the opportunity to see surges in business like this. People waiting hours in a sort of cult-like following that has formed around this chicken sandwich is actually a sight to behold. These chicken sandwiches are being sold out everywhere, nationwide!

There are even some instances of employees stealing sandwiches to sell on the black market. The “black chicken sandwich market.” What a time to be alive!

We’ve seen fights, beatings…and even murder. But as the old saying goes, “no publicity is bad publicity” and I believe that to be true. That isn’t the reason I think Popeyes is going out of business. 

Why are people going to Popeyes?

Well, it’s for the chicken sandwich, of course.

What are people doing when they find out their Popeyes is out of the chicken sandwich?

They leave.

That’s right, they aren’t ordering something else of the menu and they aren’t getting a different meal. They leave. People are only going for the sandwich, and oftentimes only leaving with disappointment. 

For better or worse, the general public has now made Popeyes’ name synonymous with the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich. And when they can’t have that, they don’t want Popeyes at all.

So what happens when all the hype wears off? Well, the only logical answer is that people will stop going to Popeyes. 

It’s sad really. What was originally an exciting time for the long-running franchise restaurant has now turned into what will be known as being their downfall, ironically.

The fall of Popeyes…the franchise that shaped how many businesses will try to run viral campaigns in the future, small and large. But business owners should beware. What might seem like a great idea at first, could lead to your business’ doom.

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