Viva Las Vegas: Lucky December Sees Huge Number of Jackpot Winners


The tables and slots of Las Vegas appear to be graced with a dash of festive magic this holiday season, with a huge number of lucky players scooping up six and seven-figure jackpots across the city. Millions were scooped up by over a dozen players over the space of just a few days, marking one of the City of Sin’s most lucrative winning streaks in recent memory.

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The ball first got rolling on Thanksgiving night, with one extremely lucky player netting a $1,056,821.80 prize on the $1 Wheel of Fortune machine at the famous Mandalay Bay Casino. This was followed quickly after by a visitor from California scooping up $1,736,673.07 from a $4 bet on a one-cent machine at Harrah’s Casino. The previous night a player at the exact same casino managed to win $502,657 from a single hand of Mississippi stud poker, where the high roller in question played an elusive Royal Flush.

Meanwhile, Mr. John Kelly from Utah won a staggering $426,102.44 on Face Up Pai Gow at Planet Hollywood Resort the following Sunday. The hugely lucrative start to the month didn’t stop there either: on December 3rd, a casual poker player named Robert Weaver played a club Royal Flush at Flamingo Casino during a game of Mississippi Stud, scooping up $153,664 in one fell swoop.

Just a few hours later, an eager slot player by the name of Raymond placed a $4 bet on a Dancing Drums machine into a $100,000 payday. A couple of days later, a couple from California managed to play five aces during a game of Face Up Pai Gow at Paris Casino (in Face Up Pai Gow, a Joker can also be used as an ace), winning an astonishing $161,890.21 in one go. The hand was won at the exact same spot where a novice player won an even more eye-popping $2,330,133.44 on the same game last month.

The spree of massive wins will likely convince countless others to rush to the Strip to try their luck, feeling that something is clearly in the air. One of the key themes with all of the recent wins is that single, massive jackpots were won based on a very small wager.


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The surging popularity in this type of gambling stems partly from the profitability factor, as well as the fact that you don’t need to be an expert gambler to play. It’s the reason why Vegas-inspired websites offering free slot spins and no-deposit bonuses have been inundated with hopeful gamblers recently, no doubt helped along by some hope that this year’s festive magic will rub off on them too.

Las Vegas has a long history of winning streaks, and many gambling fans swear that the city goes through ‘lucky periods’ where the chances of winning a life-changing sum of money are higher than they would normally be. Whether some greater force of nature is at power on the Las Vegas Strip is debatable, but the numbers make it clear that this is a good Christmas to spend in the City of Sin.

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