Top Entertainment Stars Who Love Poker

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Poker is popular with millions of people around the world, from amateur wannabes to immensely skilled pros.

While most people play for fun with friends or risk a little cash online or at casinos, there are some serious high-rollers from the world of entertainment who take poker pretty seriously and have the bank balance to back up their pastime.


Here are just a few of the top stars who have a passion for poker and are not afraid to indulge their enjoyment of the game as part of their globe-trotting lifestyles.


Not content with consistently proving himself to be one of the greatest rappers alive, or running his multi-billion dollar business empire, Jay-Z is also one of hip hop’s most ardent poker advocates.

He has been snapped at poker tables in some of the most high profile venues on the planet, often playing alongside his celebrity pals, often combining a few hands of Texas Hold’em with other social events when he has the time.

Whether Jay-Z is an especially intimidating presence in a poker context is another matter, but it is safe to assume that his entrepreneurial acumen and obvious intelligence puts him in a dominating position when the chips are down.


Kevin Hart

It makes sense to mention Kevin Hart in this list right after Jay-Z, as these two have been spotted playing poker together, and the pint-sized funny man is also known for appearing at major poker tournaments.

As well as popping up in Monte Carlo as part of a promotional tie-in with an online casino firm, Hart has been a vocal supporter of poker on his various social channels over the years, arguing not only for the entertainment and competition it offers but also for the social side of playing which can get overlooked.

Perhaps the most infamous moment in Hart’s poker playing career to date came in early 2018 when he won a hand accidentally. This suggests that he might not want to think about going pro any time soon, without first getting a few lessons.

Young Thug

Representing the new wave of modern hip hop stars, Young Thug is using his burgeoning success as a musician to fund a lavish lifestyle, in which regular gambling sessions play a big role.

Quoted as being a poker aficionado, as well as enjoying a number of other table games, Young Thug is happy to spend hours on end playing hand after hand, even developing a separate nickname to go along with his persona while gambling.

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While rapping is certainly a more lucrative talent than playing poker for this particular prodigy, it’s interesting to see that there is still growing interest in the game across different generations of entertainment stars.


50 Cent

50 Cent has an interesting history when it comes to poker. He has played at various points over the years, usually sharing the table with well known associates as well as professionals in the sport.

Most recently, the world of social media was ablaze with conversations surrounding the controversial calling-in of a $1 million debt that he was allegedly owed by Randal Emmet, a producer and occasional poker pro.

After screenshotting a series of texts from Emmet and publishing them to Instagram, 50 Cent then went on to reveal that the debt was eventually settled, in spite of using some fairly choice language towards his one time friend. 50 Cent even went so far as to make some merchandise to sell off the back of this public poker-based beef, and he will probably think twice before he lets someone else play with his hard earned cash again.

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