Adult Film Shot In Santa Monica Public Library Causes Public Outrage


The Porn industry comes to no surprise as a very bold choice of work. People have their own “preferences” in the kind of category they want from the said industry. Some people enjoy their intimate moment (or the fantasy of it in this case) but some have their unusual needs to do it somewhere public.

A pornographic video was recorded at Santa Monica Public Library during business hours. After finding out about this, residents are infuriated.


According to one of the residents, “God forbid, a child walked in the library and walked right in on the middle of it. That’s my biggest concern. Children don’t need to be exposed to this. If you want to do porn, stick to the hotels.”

“That is wrong, it is completely wrong. It’s a public place, a library where there are children. How will the city or people allow that?” another resident added.

Lewd activities carry serious legal consequences, says attorney Luis Carillo. “If a person is found to have committed that crime, the punishment may include, apart from jail, registering as a sex offender,” he adds.

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Also, if the person performing sexual acts in the video is minor, “then whoever uploaded this to social media can be charged in federal court for possession of child pornography.”


In a released statement of the City Officials, “This video is deeply disturbing. Lew acts in the public library are a violation of library rules and against the law. Staff did not have knowledge of the incident when it took place.”