Life After Divorce: 7 Steps to Take Immediately After a Divorce

Going through the divorce process can be a stressful and emotional time. Make it a little easier by preparing for life after divorce with these 7 steps.

Even though 39% of marriages end in divorce, it’s still a deeply personal experience. 

Have you just gone through a divorce? It is essential to remember that you’re an individual capable of many beautiful things, and life has so much left to explore. 

Are you at a loss for what to do with life after divorce? Read on to unveil 7 steps to take after your divorce. 

1. The Purge

You don’t need a daily reminder of the divorce you just went through.

Go ahead and remove all of your exes stuff and any souvenirs of them.

This gets a bit more complicated if you have children. If you do have children together, get them a photo album and put all of the family photos in it. Now they have all of the memories in one place for them to look at, and you don’t get the constant reminder of your ex. We also have an article about telling your child you are getting a divorce. It’s a very important and sensitive topic to discuss.

2. Take a Vacation

You’ve already paid for the cost of a divorce lawyer, maybe a new apartment. Debt is already your middle name, so you might as well take a vacation.

Go somewhere you’ve always dreamed of, cater to you and you only! 

A vacation not in the books for you? Take a day for yourself and have a staycation.

Check out your local city and do tourist stuff. Stay home and have a spa day. Go to the mountains for a gorgeous hike.

Whatever it is that calls you, go do it. Do your version of eat, pray, love. 

3. The Business End of Life After Divorce

You’ve been through mountains of paperwork as you finalized your divorce, but wait there’s more! 

You may have to change your name and update your license. Update your will and emergency contact information. 

If you co-owned homes or vehicles, make sure to transfer names on or off the paperwork. If any money is owed on a vehicle that is in both of your names, such as with title loans, it may need to be paid off before the former-spouses name can be removed from the title. And if you’ve moved, don’t forget to update your mailing address.

4. Allow Yourself to Grieve

This is a big life change. Whether it was just you and your spouse, or you have a whole family that has been through the divorce, your life has taken a major turn. 

Allow yourself to mourn that life; change is a difficult thing to process. 

5. See a Counselor

No matter how over it you think you are, it is important to process your feelings. You don’t want it to come back and haunt you years later.  

A counselor can be a great sense of support, but also a necessary sounding board during this difficult time. 

6. Repeat After Me: You Are Not Your Divorce

Your divorce DOES NOT define you. You are an individual. A strong person that has their own interests, beliefs, and memories. 

You are not just a divorcee, remember that. 

Rediscover your old hobbies, travel, or put your all into work. Whatever you long to do, now is the time.  

7. The Obvious One

Ah, now it is time to state the obvious, my friend. Move on.

No matter who ended the relationship, that part of your life is over. While that can be immensely scary, it is necessary to look forward.

You Can Do This

Take a deep breath. It may seem completely overwhelming, but we promise you can do this. 

Life after divorce is complicated, to say the least. 

You don’t need to reinvent yourself or restart your life. You simply just need to dig deep down and find yourself again. That person is in there, we are sure of it!

If you’re looking for more information like this, be sure to check out the rest of our blog.

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