Doc Rivers has Said that there Is Nobody Quite Like LeBron James

Doc Rivers has stated that in the history of the NBA, there has never quite been a player like LeBron.

Doc Rivers has stated that in the history of the NBA, there has never quite been a player like him. A lot of people consider him to be one of the best basketballers of all time but one coach thinks that he could quite easily make a career for himself in another sport too. The podcast, Go Off with Austin Rivers said that he could have been quite a talent on the football field. Dog said that Lebron has now been an All-Star 16 times and that he has also won the NBA Championship 3 times too. Rivers came out with a statement saying that there has never been an athlete quite like Lebron James and the world will certainly feel it when he makes the decision to retire.

His Statement

Rivers has stated that if LeBron did play football then there is a high chance that he would have been the greatest footballer to ever live. Austin Rivers and Doc Rivers have agreed on that and that he has made a lot of progress in his time in the league. He is 6 foot 9 and he weighs 250 pounds. He was a wide receiver in his two years of high school football, and he was even recruited by some Division I programs. One of the colleges that decided to recruit him was Notre Dame but ultimately, he made the decision to go with basketball. There are even some casino games that are inspired by him too. If you want to check them out then look up the most trusted casino accepting Instadebit so you can make the best decision.

Brady & Rice

Whether or not James would have been in the same category as Rice or even Tom Brady is debatable, but you really do never know. There is enough evidence to show that he could easily be placed quite high up and that he could even be one of the greatest stars. That being said, he is already one of the greatest stars in the NBA and this is certainly enough for him. The return of the NBA is up in the air right now and no games are being played at all. Adam Silver is trying to study the outbreak and he is also trying to implement the right testing developments as well to see if he can make basketball return to the big screen. This is according to multiple reports. The timetable is shared in a conference call between club owners and Silver. This is the first real indication of when the game might return to the big screen. Health at the end of the day is always a number one priority. Every day that goes by, more tests are being done and there is even more effort being placed on the overall success of the games that are due to take place. If the game can be carried out safely then there is no risk to anyone.

Of course, LeBron James is quite possibly one of the best players in the history of the game and by the looks of things, he is going to keep on pushing forward so that he can be a better influence and leader for his team. He might be coming to the end of his career now but at the end of the day, he is still putting up big numbers so it would be interesting to see what would happen if he did eventually make the transition into football.

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