Sorting Through the Damage: Common Mechanical Issues That Cause Car Accidents

Over 2 million American motorists are injured permanently in car accidents each year.

Over 2 million American motorists are injured permanently in car accidents each year. Having your car totaled in an accident can be quite traumatic. If you are like most people, finding ways to avoid motor vehicle accidents altogether is something you take rather seriously.

When trying to steer clear of serious car accidents, you need to gather more information on common mechanical failures that both cause these accidents and make the damage sustained much worse. Things like a faulty airbag, damaged braking systems, and lighting issues to function are more common than you think. Read below for more information on car issues that make driving more dangerous.

Wipers That Don’t Function Properly

Driving in the rain is something you probably do multiple times a month. With the right equipment, driving in these conditions should be no problem. The wipers on your vehicle help to keep the rain off of the windshield. If these wipers are worn or not working properly, you will have a hard time seeing the road ahead of you. This is why inspecting your wipers regularly is a wise move.

If you notice that your existing wiper inserts are getting thin and brittle, getting new ones is imperative. Most auto parts retailers will be able to change your wiper blades out in a hurry.

Braking Issues are Quite Common

Stopping on a dime is something most car owners take for granted. The only way for your car to stop in a hurry is with the help of a functional braking system. Over time, the various braking components your car has will start to wear out. Trying to operate your vehicle with worn-out brake pads, rotors or calipers is extremely unsafe. Generally, you will notice loud noises and out of the ordinary driving problems when braking issues are present.

Unless you have previous experience with car repair, replacing your damaged braking components will be challenging. Allowing knowledgeable professionals to handle this work can help you avoid problems that may compromise your safety while behind the wheel.

Assess the Condition of Your Tires

Inspecting your car before driving it can help you detect problems that need to be fixed. As you inspect your vehicle, be sure to pay close attention to the condition of your tires. 

Checking the amount of air in your tire can help you avoid experiencing a blowout later on. Worn tires can cause car accidents, which is why replacing them is your best course of action.

Ignoring the need for new tires will create very unsafe driving conditions. With some research and the guidance of a mechanic, finding the right tires and getting them installed will be a breeze.

Avoid Driving With Faulty Lights

The lights on your vehicle perform a very specific and important job. Without these lights, it will be hard to alert other drivers to your presence. If the other driver doesn’t see you, they may crash into your vehicle. A blown headlight or taillight is something that will happen regularly. As soon as you notice one of these lights is out, you need to replace the broken bulb immediately.

Not only will replacing these lights help you stay safe, but it will also help you avoid getting a ticket. Checking your car’s owner’s manual is the best way to figure out how to change the damaged light.

Keep Your Car Safe and Secure

Properly maintaining your vehicle is not easy. However, with some professional help, you can keep your vehicle safe and secure.

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