How Does Cam Newton Help Improve New England’s Chances to win the Superbowl, Without Tom Brady

Cam Newton has been a free agent for several months before the New England Patriots signed on the 31-year old quarterback which many see as an opportunity to resurrect his career.

Cam Newton has been a free agent for several months before the New England Patriots signed on the 31-year old quarterback which many see as an opportunity to resurrect his career. While some may see this as an underwhelming replacement for Tom Brady, Cam Newton’s hunger to prove that he can win without Tom Brady is going to make his performance even better.

The Odds

Combining his dual-threat skills and Bill Belichick’s though Cam Newton is not as good a passer as Tom Brady has been, is bound to pay off for the Patriots. Besides, since Cam Newton has been under doubt all offseason, he certainly has a lot of naysayers and critics to prove wrong which is bound to spur some great action from him. He also has offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels who together with head coach Belichick will likely elicit a great bounce-back from Cam Newton.

This stellar offense could be the reason why oddsmakers are making him out as one of the biggest contenders for the Comeback Player of the Year Award. This is a double win because it is bound to motivate him to help the patriots become a strong AFC contender this year. Therefore, bet against Newton on your own head because good things are going to ensue from this signing.

The odds for the Patriots winning have gone up after his signing. Odds as of the start of July via betting predictions from 22bet. Learn more about betting predictions from 22bet. In fact, the probability of the Patriots winning has increased by a full percentage bumps up the Patriots to the 3rd likely AFC champions. Therefore, the Tom Brady-less team has new hope injected by new blood in the team.

The Lucky Signing

The Patriots were able to snap up the quarterback with only $ 1 million in guarantees but on a one-year contract full of incentives that could pay out as much as $7.5 million for the 2020’s NFL season to Newton. His winning streak and track record in the past gives the Patriots a chance at winning which has made bookmakers adjust their odds for the 2020 NFL season. Having a mobile and athletic quarterback is something that the New England Patriots have not experienced in a long time hence Cam Newton is a dynamic addition especially since he is able to run the ball, an ability that Tom Brady just does not possess. This means that the Patriots’ offense is going to be even fun. This is also partly because nobody has an idea what the Patriots offense is going to be like which adds an element of fun and surprise to the 2020 season something that the team has not had with TOM Brady.

Why the Patriots Have a High Chance of Winning

The Patriots have the highest-win total because they have won the AFC East division for the last consecutive 11 seasons and owns a 52-15 record in the division games. While defence is not pertaining to quarterbacks, the Patriots however have an impressive defence record leading the NFL sin scoring defence at 14.1 points per game which goes without saying that they have trended at a point as one of the greatest defences of all time and with their head coach remaining at the centre of the game plan, their 2020 defence is likely to continue being stellar and consistent as usual.

The Brady vs. Newton Question

In a nutshell while everyone is waiting to see how Newton’s signing will spur New England’s chances at the championship, there has been a lot of speculation and comparison of Newton with Brady. However, the question boils down to which quarterback adjusts first. After Newton’s exit from Carolina, he is definitely eager to prove himself and therefore the 31-year old is bound to work well with Belichick to hasten his adjustment. On the other hand, Tom Brady who is turning 43 also needs to prove himself after suffering an all-time low season before exiting New England. He has to make it work with the Buccaneers’ coach Bruce Arians. He also enters a much tougher division with the New Orleans and Panthers slated to win.


So while analyzing Newton’s track record, his will to win, then the money is on the Patriots making a deeper playoff.

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