When Accidents Happen: Things You Need To Know Before Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

Accidents happen every day all over the world.

Accidents happen every day all over the world. When you are involved in one, and you are the one who sustains the injury because of the negligence of the other person, some of the things that may come into your mind may be: “How can I settle this? Can I claim damages for this on my own, or do I need legal assistance to take action?”

If you decide to seek legal help regarding this matter, now is the best time to look for and inquire about a personal injury lawyer within your area. Here are some of the things you need to consider before getting one:

Background and Experience

Personal injury attorneys represent their clients in litigation, especially in cases where the plaintiff is alleging injury caused by another person, a juridical entity such as a company, organization, or the government itself. 

Looking at credentials is an excellent place to start. It would be essential to look into their educational background, the number of years spent in legal practice, and the skills and level of expertise they have developed over time. 

It is best to know a prospective attorney’s experience, especially in torts law, which delves into remedies for losses or injury and the corresponding compensation for damages. If you’re living in Arizona or anywhere nearby the state, you may want to check out https://injuryshield.com/personal-injury-lawyer-in-tempe-arizona/ to know more about actions you can file in cases of personal injury.

Referrals and Reviews

As you look for a lawyer who would best represent you in your case, your friends’ and families’ recommendation and referral could be of great help to help you choose. Word of mouth is an excellent basis to assess reviews, primarily if it reflects positive testimonies from people you know and trust.

It is recommended that you do your research for the best firms in town that cater to accidents involving work-related injuries, accidents involving body injuries especially slips and falls, road accidents, and other related situations. Reviews submitted on law firm websites can also be a gauge in choosing your legal representative.

Workplace Credibility

Speaking of law firms, it is also essential to look into the nature of your prospective personal injury lawyer’s workplace. A right law firm exemplifies good management over their attorneys’ team and can offer services for any type of query or legal concern.

It is also important to note the firm’s credibility as a whole, with their portfolio of cases handled and the success rate of such. Filing for personal injury claims not only involves the client and his lawyer of choice, but the firm that handles the case should also have good connections to other entities engaged in the same situation, such as insurance carriers.

Approachability and Communication

One quality that a personal injury lawyer needs to have is to be readily approachable, if not all, then most of the time. The procedure for personal injury claims requires both you, as a client, and your personal injury attorney to be in constant communication to discuss updates regarding the case.

It is also primordial to know the workload of your lawyer of choice, to ensure if he is available enough to cater to your queries and concerns whenever needed. Having too many clients or paperwork to be done may saturate the lawyer’s attention in charge of your dilemma and might cost you the win you deserve in such a case.


An essential thing you need to know about personal injury lawyers is that their pay is mostly collected as a contingency fee, which is most often called a “success fee”, in which lawyers get a percentage of the compensation paid upon finality of judgment concerning the personal injury claim.

This is but many of the options that you, as a client, may pay your attorney of choice. A lawyer’s professional fee, in general, should be considered according to his expertise on the subject matter, his skill set, and the time and effort he pours into handling your injury case. 

It is essential to look for a personal injury lawyer who you believe will best accommodate your queries and represent you in litigation, at the same time presenting a reasonable fee as his charge for his legal assistance. You may also make your own comparison about different law firms’ professional fees within your area to know which would suit you best.


In summary, indeed, there are many factors to consider before you hire your personal injury lawyer. It could be more convenient and less tedious to have a legal expert who can help you move forward with your injury claims and end the unnecessary suffering and trouble brought about by unfortunate incidents such as accidents. 

You may call any of your local law firms within your area and check if they offer free legal consultations regarding your accident and personal injury concerns.

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