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The Top Types of Garden Furniture

The garden is one of the best parts of any home because it is a place that you can go to connect with nature. You don’t have to worry about the stresses and challenges of outdoor life, as instead you can just kick back and relax. 

When it comes to garden furniture, people do expect to be able to leave theirs outside for the remainder of the year and it will still be fine. For some furniture this is no issue at all, but others will struggle, depending on what type of material is used. There are many different types of garden furniture material that are completely capable of doing this, and are provided by places like 

With that being said, let’s take a quick peek at some of the different furniture types that exist and when you can get them for yourself and your garden furniture.


The first option is the one which has a reputation for being cheap and cheerful. Plastic garden furniture is pretty common and has a lot of different characteristics, and a few things to keep in mind. 

For example, when put to use in a hot and dry climate, the colours tend to fade away and white plastic starts to develop a mold. While it is true that you can clean the mood away with soap and water without any difficulties, that’s almost not the point – it’s an inconvenience. 

Plastic furniture is lightweight and reasonably durable but there are tougher materials. If you’re going to be making an investment there’s better materials to go for.


Iron, cast iron specifically, is one of those incredibly tough and durable materials. When you’re going to have a bit of furniture which will stand the test of time, this is your go to option. However, it does have its drawbacks that you should be aware of. For example, it is susceptible to rusting in the wet weather if exposed to it for a long period of time. However, there are ways around this – like for example using rust and corrosion-resistant paints to strengthen the iron. 

As a heavier material, iron requires you to just leave it in one place which doesn’t always work out well, but in terms of durability, there’s very little that can match it. 

Wooden Furniture 

At the other end of the spectrum you’ve got something like wood as a material. Wood items like pine, oak, cedar and eucalyptus are all types of furniture which need treatment if they’re going to be left outside for an extended period of time. Wood tends to rot and warp if left in damp conditions for too long so you need to be careful of that. 

Another consideration for wood is that it can lose its colour in extreme heat which means that you’ll need to keep it out of the sun. With all of this being said, there are several wood treatment methods which can be used to prevent dampness and rotting, so wood is still a fairly viable option for a lot of situations. 


There are multiple types of metal which are used in the construction of outdoor furniture and it is important to recognise that there is a distinction between them. In those cases, we’re looking at steel. 

Steel is both strong and sturdy, and can be very stylish as it can be moulded into any kind of shape. Steel is a highly versatile and flexible option for this reason. Now granted, it does suffer from a lot of the same flaws as something like iron, so you need to take similar steps to use it. 

Aluminium (Cast) 

When aluminium is combined with a powder finish, it becomes a highly durable and tough material which will not bend or break. This gives it a distinct advantage for anyone who is looking to utilise it in their garden furniture. The natural properties of aluminium, such as incredible strength and resistance to rusting, are also in full effect making this a good choice. 

Final Thoughts

So ultimately there’s a lot of different options available if you’d interested in collecting different materials for your garden furniture. Ultimately, you’ll need to take a look at furniture which is easy to work with and doesn’t have a lot of maintenance required. Of course, the final choice will depend on what you consider to be important as an individual, but you’ve got plenty of different options that will all contribute to your success. As usual, experimentation is key to getting the best possible results, so you need to stop and take a look at what’s on offer to find out what’s available. It’s the best way that you’ll be able to experience everything you could want. 

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