Austin Fillmore warms winter’s chill with his heartbreak anthem,”U Lie I Cry.”

"We all lie, we all cry...this song is about us."

Dance through winter’s gloom with Austin Fillmore!

There is nothing more splendid than the birth of a new romance. The sun is always shining, birds are always signing, and the sky is always blue. Everyday is a great day, and all is well with the world, as our minds are completely consumed with the one that we love. Suddenly, things start to change. All the laughter stops, and everything once great becomes painful. Happiness slowly turns to despair, as we are forced to watch the one whom we thought we knew so well, become a stranger.

Hip-hop/Pop artist Austin Fillmore knows the feeling all too well.  While multiple techniques exist to weather the storms of failed relationships, the Chicago native simply chooses freestyling to cope, as showcased in his new single “U Lie I Cry.” Laced with the stellar production of Miami’s own, Remy Prosper, through its pulsating beat, the up-tempo jam serves as the perfect remedy for navigating through the painful pitfalls of the heart. The accompanying video chronicles Fillmore’s relationship slowly unraveling, beginning with his girlfriend’s observation of another woman calling his phone. Soonafter, a series of arguments follow, ultimately leading to the relationship’s end.

“The only way I knew how to deal with the pain of this break up was to write about it, but when I sat to actually write the song, I couldn’t do it for some reason. So I poured me a glass of tequila and told my engineer press record, and I’m just gonna freestyle this,” Fillmore said.  After a prosperous 2020, Austin Fillmore aims to be sure that this year is just as fruitful. What’s next for the rising hip hop star? Stay in the loop through his social media links below:

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