Someone Drugged Lamar Odom The Night He Overdosed In A Brothel, According To Him

On the night of his near-fatal overdose, Lamar Odom claims he was drugged.

On the night of his near-fatal overdose, Lamar Odom claims he was drugged.
After being found unresponsive in a Nevada brothel, the 41-year-old former basketball player ended up in a coma, and Lamar — who later sought treatment for drug and alcohol addiction — claimed that someone tried to “take [his] life.”
“I didn’t take anything that night,” he said on the Facebook Live show “Addiction Talk.” I was in a lot of pain and nearly scared since someone had just tried to take my life.”
Lamar didn’t elaborate on his suspicions in any way. He had previously blamed his hospitalization on Dennis Hof, the owner of the Love Ranch brothel in Nevada.

“I suppose Dennis Hof…,” he stated during a TV appearance in 2019. To be honest with you, I don’t know what he had against me, but I didn’t do drugs that night. So I’m not sure if he was attempting to poison me or… I’m not sure what he was up to with me. He attempted to assassinate me.”
During his drug battles, Lamar endured repeated strokes, heart attacks, and kidney failure.
And the former athlete, who was married to Khloe Kardashian from 2009 until 2016, has admitted that his ex-wife was instrumental in his continued recovery.

Speaking about his addiction struggles and his recovery, he explained: “I remember being out one day, and I was out with one lady, I was getting high, acting like really extreme over the top.
“I’m putting anything in my mouth, sniffing anything. I was so out of control I guess the girl called Khloe. And the clan pulled up, like the A-Team, and out of love they took me right to the rehab.”

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