Prez Harris leads us into the right direction with new single, “Wrong Side”

Viewing perspectives from the “right side” of the spectrum always presents things exactly as they are. To those who seek a daily dose of whimsy to cope with life’s countless curve balls, reality is not always accepted. Despite this, facing reality is inevitable. Although we do not always welcome it, we cannot hide from it either.  Prez Harris knows the feeling all too well, which is why he aims to enlighten with his confident new single, “Wrong Side”. 

What usually happens when we view things from the “wrong side”?  Life is suddenly more bearable, and strife seems far behind. Not too surprisingly, this is the side of life that humankind prefers, as Harris energetically delivers:

"The grass is always greener when you’ve seen it from 
the wrong side sometimes you have to go through 
some rough patches to truly appreciate life on the 
other side"

A melodic collaboration with singer-songwriter China Shadae, “Wrong Side” embodies the assurance that we can accomplish anything that we want to, while proving naysayers wrong in the process. After opening for major acts such as, Jay Electronica, B.o.B, CJ Fly and Little Simz, Harris continues to raise his own bar as solid performer. Following the release of multiple singles, Harris is set to release his EP entitled Hourglass, later this year.  By learning from his past and staying focused on his future, Harris aims to make the best out of all that life has to offer.

What’s next for Prez Harris? Stay connected by visiting his social platforms below:

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