Sluka’s Album ‘Figure It Out’ Is Perfect for David Bowie Fans [LISTEN]

Sluka’s album Figure it Out kicks off with the upbeat and inspiring title track. The eccentric track proves to be a promising start to the album. The vibes continue with “Isn’t It Strange,” which sounds like it could be a Disney song by the villain or the eccentric sidekick. The album slows down a bit with “Shout Out,” a spacey song but continues the spooky, Disney-villainesqe vibes with “Feel the Weight.”

“Vye on Vyattav” proves to be a standout song with layered vocals and instruments causing it to be an impressive track on an indie album. The sounds for the rest of the album tend to blend into each other without feeling too repetitive before ending with the ballad “Happy in Your World.”

However, overall, the 9-track album is enjoyable—especially for fans of David Bowie, Iggy Pop…or Disney movie villain songs.

Listen to the full album below.

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