When Asked To Describe The Rest Of His Life In Five Words, Keanu Reeves Gave A Lovely Answer

Last Thursday, Jennifer Lawrence faced the Colbert Questionert. It's now the turn of Keanu Reeves.

Last Thursday, Jennifer Lawrence faced the Colbert Questionert. It’s now the turn of Keanu Reeves.

When presenter Stephen Colbert asks his guest 15 questions, ranging from what is the tastiest sandwich (“Toasted crunchy peanut butter with honey,” Reeves responds) to what happens when you die, the Late Show has a regular section (he ] answered this a few years ago). While Reeves is a dog person, he says, “I’m starting to really like cats,” and he’s only asked for an autograph from two people: Lou Reed and George Carlin, who signed “Dear Keanu, F*ck You.” Reeves initially thought it was a personalized signature, but “then I met someone else who said that he wrote the same thing to them.”

Reeves was also given five words to describe the rest of his life. “I’m going to be hopeful,” he remarked after initially rejecting the premise (“What kind of question is that?”). Health. Love. Friendship. Make art. Motorcycles.” That’s a lot of words, but it’s Keanu Reeves, after all. No one would have objected if he had used 75 words.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Reeves recently invited “all of his reps (agents, manager, publicist, etc.), members of his inner circle, and other key insiders who helped him train” to the premiere of The Matrix Resurrections and “took care of private jet travel and hotel accommodations, premiere tickets, and even organized a special post-premiere brunch for invitees, among other gifts.”

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