Is August Alsina Really Concerned About His Family Issues or Using the Issues to Promote His New Album?

August Alsina has an album coming out soon and has some very public feuds with his family. Will these feuds help or hurt his album sales?

As we know This Thing Called Life is the new album set for release for August Alsina on December 11th.  There have been many issues/rumors/and family concerns since the album has started its promotion.  Has all this drama spiraled because of the album needing to be sold, or are there really issues within August’s life?

A recent interview from the Breakfast Club August spoke of his life’s troubles regarding his health, as well as his family issues.  The trials and tribulations of his life go great with the title of his album, This Thing Called Life.

The title itself brings upon many questions as to what is going on within his life.  While on this interview he spoke of having suicidal thoughts and struggling through the courses of life on his own.

“More money more problems,” he quoted as he concluded his interview.  He also spoke of his assault and gay allegations.  Some people feel as though August Alsina exposed his family as he posted a personal text message from his Aunt to his social media page.

His Aunt claimed that he has changed since he has become famous, and that money has made him “gay”.

“That [gay accusation] is so bogus and for the motherf—in’ birds. This fame s— really got my family going a whole different direction. Ain’t no coming back from that s—. F— you, bitch. Die slow. And I mean that ” he responded.

Although Mr.Alsina seems as though he is out here in the world alone, his mother seems to feel otherwise.  She was not happy with this interview and actually feels that she is also alone.  She responded to the interview with a comment saying…

“So I listened to the interview. I was so saddened by the lies or the road August chose to promote the album. It’s always three sides to the story. How could you call and check on someone that stop talking to you since April?” She continued, “August didn’t call me for Mother’s Day, birthday in July. Passed out, rushed to the hospital in September, didn’t hear from him. It’s so sad that this boy is crying out for help, and his whole team is missing it,” she wrote.

After soaking all of this information in, what is your opinion on August’s life?  Has the money and fame changed him?  Is this rant really a cry for help as his mom has implied, or being used as an album promotion?  Either way you conclude/assume it is clear that there are many issues that need to be resolved.

My prayers are with August and his family, I hope they all find some peace within their lives.  Maybe it isn’t the fame that has changed him, maybe it is actually him changing and evolving as a man.  Thanks for being so upfront and honest with your fans August!  God Bless you and your family.


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