Par'ris D. Rose Sheds Light on Domestic Violence Through a Unique Point of View with Her Book 'BlueBlack Tears of a Father & Child' | The Urban Twist
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Par’ris D. Rose Sheds Light on Domestic Violence Through a Unique Point of View with Her Book ‘BlueBlack Tears of a Father & Child’

Author Par’ris D. Rose gives us a unique take on domestic violence as she tackles it head on through the eyes of a little girl, as she comes of age.

Brennen Jones



Domestic violence has always been the elephant in the room.  It seems that we all know someone, whether directly or indirectly, who has been affected by some sort of violence, coming from someone you would think that the violence should never come from.  From a person that supposedly loves them.

When most people think of domestic violence, they imagine a situation where the abusive partner physically hurts the victim. Physical abuse however is not the only form of abuse. Domestic violence can also be emotional, psychological, financial, or sexual.

Being victimized can create feelings of helplessness and even self-doubt.

Author Par’ris D. Rose has seen all of this firsthand, and through her just released book Blueblack Tears of a Father & Child, she hopes to shed light and give hope to others who may be victims of domestic violence.  She wants them to know that just because they may feel powerless to do something about their situation, that they ae never without it, and they always have the power to walk away.

Most cases of domestic violence go unreported. Many victims try to justify their abuser’s actions and try to convince themselves that the situation will improve. Keep in mind, however, that domestic violence situations frequently escalate. What may begin as occasional intimidation, threats of violence, or aggressive sexual advances, can escalate into rape, physical assault, and even murder.

Blueblack Tears of a Father & Child, which is based on a true story, Rose takes us on a journey through the eyes of a little girl named “Blake.”  “Blake” was born into what appeared to be a normal family. However, beneath the surface, was an ugly and painful reality that would impact her for the rest of her life.

Blueblack Tears is the first part of a trilogy, a trilogy that will show us Blake’s growth and strength towards overcoming this beast of an obstacle in her life, as she comes of age.

Rose hopes that by telling this story, it will help someone realize the devastating effects of domestic abuse.

“Abuse is not love.  It is a sickness and there are people out here ready to help you get rid of this sickness forever.”

Check out our interview/mini-documentary with Par’ris D. Rose above and find out more about the author. You can purchase her book on Amazon.  Proceeds of her book sales will also go to the House of Ruth, which is a non-profit organization for battered women.

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