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Donald Trump Swears This Election Will Be Rigged And He’s Right

This upcoming election will be rigged in Hillary Clinton’s favor according to Donald Trump. Everyone thinks he’s in his feelings, but I think he’s dropping jewels. I also think he’s in on it.

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  • Orionsangel

    Rigged or there aren’t enough frustrated racist ignorant Americans to vote for Donald Trump?

    • Hard Little Machine

      Hopefully Hillary will have all white people exterminated

      • sd_woodturner

        WOW. now that’s clever. Mother must be proud.

      • Herman Miller

        When you consider that she is white wouldn’t that be suicide?
        Have mommy make you a warm bottle and go to sleep as no one more mature than an infant would make such a stupid comment.

  • Chad Eton

    “The Urban Twist…?” Yeah, good name… The fault line in out nation is the American Mainstream Media, otherwise known as the “4th Estate. They have gone completely over the edge in bias. Journalistic Integrity… Objectivity… Balanced Reporting… Neutral Reporting… all a thing of the past. This is so incredibly dangerous. A Left Wing dominated media cannot be the watchdog of our freedoms, and if that Left Wing Media is nearly 100%, shamelessly, in support of Hilary Clinton… that says everything about the Democrat nominee… Donald Trump is hated by the Left for a reason, and if the American People fail to see what is happening – then they deserve everything they get after November – should they make the horrific mistake of electing the most evil, corrupt woman on the face of the earth.
    Don’t do it people. She is evil and the media are blatant traitors in their disgusting bias…
    God Help Us…
    Titus Corleone

    • SouthernTide7

      seriously chad. Do you mean to tell me that Faux News is left wing? How about the Wall Street Journal? no? how about the right wing nut talk shows that feed people like you demonizing “fake facts” against everyone but white, hard right republicans 24/7? Shows like Rush, Hannity, Levine, Gallagher, Beck, Savage, inoculating the sheep (you) with hate, bigotry and flames all day, all night.

      You mean the media above? please…

      You people are sheep, and you have been led by the nose for years now, filled with hate towards America. Patriots my a**.

      • pokeyinla

        And who’s telling them that the media is left wing biased? Yep, Fox News, the WSJ, and all those radio wing nuts. The ones who dominate the news medium. Funny thing is Fox News has more viewers than CNN and MSNBC combined. Same for the Wall Street Journal. Their daily circulation is a little less than the NY Times and LA Times combined. As for the radio, are there any left wing nuts that have a big following? It’s rather obvious which way the news bias leans. I think they’re confusing media for Hollywood but that would mean they weren’t wacko.

        • MaximumOvertroll

          most media outlets do have a liberal bias, because most people have a liberal bias. Fox recognized this and capitalized on the minority market by making Fox News intentionally conservatively biased. In Fox’s view, they are “fair and balanced” because they just report everything exact opposite way that their competitors do. They don’t care about facts, because their only purpose is to make money form people who dont care about facts and only want to hear more confirmation of their biases.

      • sd_woodturner

        Damn, wish I had said that

    • Gunt


    • Denis Barker

      The media didn’t create the audience for Donald Trump’s foolishness, His statements have entertainment value. In previous elections one or two out-of-reality gaffs would kill a candidate. This election is unprecedented.

    • sd_woodturner

      check is in the mail Chad. Greatest blog.

    • Herman Miller

      Listen to some of the hate and nonsense that Trump spews then do your patriotic duty and vote for Clinton. In the meantime be quiet.

      • BonjzL

        I just threw up in my mouth when you said “Do your patriotic duty and vote for Clinton”. WOW!! I’m doing my patriotic duty and not voting for either one of these idiots.

    • MaximumOvertroll

      its not the media’s fault you refuse to entertain any difference in oppinion. the problem is you refuse to leave your echo chamber because you are too immature to engage in political discourse.

  • freshstart222

    I wouldn’t call Whitney Marquise Acoff a professional!

  • fhill123

    Professional journalist with poor grammar. Best candidate out of the two. BETTER candidate is proper grammar. When someone misuses the language they lose credibility.

    • sd_woodturner

      and correct information means nothing?

    • Herman Miller

      You’re writing this because you couldn’t understand what was meant? If you understood why are you whining?

  • Denis Barker

    Trump is calling out to the George Zimmerman types. Recruiting some men of action for voting day.

    • ButILikeCaves

      The big laugh there is the “George Zimmerman types” keep forgetting George Zimmerman is Hispanic.
      And by some states’ former laws, he would be considered black.

    • 7cedars

      Hillary is calling out to all the liar, self-serving types. Recruiting more illegals for voting day.

      • Howard Beals

        Really? Republicans are getting so tiresome.

        • 7cedars

          Really? And what, did you just get dropped off the tater truck or something? If you don’t get it… WHERE IN THE EVER LIVING DAYLIGHTS HAVE YOU BEEN? Living under a rock?

  • matthewsailhardy

    Anyone who thinks Hillary is qualified to be president has no problem claiming brain damage. She consistently bites off more than she can chew, and has been doing so for most of her adult life. Her judgement is appalling. More qualified than Trump? Neither is someone anyone wants as president. That much is true.

    • Dcoronata

      Every politician does that. You are too stupid to be taken seriously.

      • BonjzL

        That’s the problem you idiot. The politicians say anything to get elected and lie right to our face and we are just supposed to take it. His point that neither is someone anyone wants as president is spot on. And if you are an ardent Hillary supporter you are a complete fool. You are the one that is to stupid to be taken seriously.

    • SouthernTide7

      A recent ardent Trump supporter called into CNN, and after acknowledging that Trump would likely start a nuclear war, said “but at least he would win!”

      Welcome to the trump base.

  • bigearlxxx

    The presidential race has [should be “has had”] a reputation for being entertaining ever since
    the Kennedy and Nixon debates. We must have taken that concept and ran
    [should be “run”] with it. I am certain that your English and Journalism professors would be proud. 2 grammar errors in your first 2 sentences. Even if your opinion is the correct one, you lose credibility with grade school errors.

    • BonjzL

      I was thinking the same thing. Anybody can be a journalist now. I’m not disagreeing that Trump is an idiot but whoever wrote this (and I refuse to scroll up and look) has horrific journalistic skills. They didn’t even talk about the election being rigged.

  • MaximumOvertroll

    I honestly dont know what to think about Trump. He’s a clinical study in narsacism, so I find it hard to believe he could physically allow himself to help anyone else with aything, least of all get elected president over himself, but he’s running an AdChoices ad where he’s literally sarcastically saluting the flag. The only conclusion I can draw from such enormous conceit combined with constant publicity suicide is that Trump is not trying to help anyone win but himself, but his dementia is too advanced for him to realize he only ever hurts himself. First it was funny, then it was scary, then it was funny again, but now it’s just sad…

  • Cheri406

    Nice Work Whitney.

  • Obamabot

    You’re a fool. Dems play the African community for votes by keeping them in poverty and dependent on govt. Hillary doesn’t care about black people at all other than their vote. Dems take your vote for granted, because they think you’re stupid

  • CrRhino

    Both candidates are a joke. HRC should be Katy Kane’s cellmate.

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