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Dave Chappelle’s New Standup Forces Us to Ask, Are Rape Jokes Funny?

Are rape jokes funny? Should a trigger warning be given? In light of Dave Chappelle’s new Netflix specials, we must ask ourselves, can we laugh about rape?

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  • John Bay

    Rape jokes are funny, when the rapist is Bill Cosby.

  • I would have said absolutely not but if you (Melony) a sexual assault victim finds humour then I might have to revisit my position.

  • Mary Burrell

    Rape is never funny in my opinion but that’s just me.

  • DeeWriteful

    Glad you found it funny but I just don’t. It doesn’t make me cry or shake or anything, I just think it’s unfunny. Man stands on stage laughing at rape, cool. So edgy. Edgy edgy stuff.

    • palefire

      Apparently the internet thinks it’s edgy. I think he just thought it was good way to stimulate a discussion about rape, race, and our ability to not talk about these things in the disguise of liberalism.

    • Lain Iwakura

      I emplore you to imagine porky pig raping elmer fudd.

  • Bigjon87121

    If it made you laugh then it’s probably funny.

  • Suni Linda

    i saw the show
    he spoke Rape and rapist and he didn’t make one joke about it
    Dave Chappelle he have his own kind of comedy philosophical approach of all kind subject touch the society and people and celebrities
    maybe it’s the sensitivity of some people about the subject or the stupidity that make them focused on one something and letting the whole image
    i think Dave Chappelle is responsible of what he said
    but not responsible of what people understand

  • Justin Harnick

    I watched the show, and he never said, or implied Rape Jokes were funny.

    • Future Burrito

      He told several rape jokes as a part of his performance.

      Are you sure that you watched the correct show?

  • JMal

    I found his jokes very funny but it’s because I’m not as narrow minded as the author or those who are offended, his jokes are not on rape but on social commentary… but maybe some people and some feminist have a hard time distinguishing that fact.

    He has made jokes about cops shooting and beating black people many many, many many times and I have to think murder and death is at least as bad as rape, but where is your outcry for that? Most people realize these jokes are to underscore a point and our society, not to diminish those acts.

  • Maxine Shaw

    Are rape jokes funny? Maybe. Were Dave’s rape jokes funny? Well, there would’ve had to be a joke first.

  • Chris Vanloan

    It wasn’t funny. I’m a big DC fan but most of his act was “off”. He seems, at least in this special, to have lost his knack for riding the the thin line between irreverent and offensive.

  • AB Vinson

    Ok I see why Jerry Sienfeld complains about political correctness run amok…. These are comedians they often make jokes about everyday stuff that is not funny. I watched Dave’s special and what he is really talking about is Bill Cosby’s legacy, now that we know he raped 58 women. As he said before when you wathch MLK’s I have a dream speech Bill Cosby paid for the sound system, he put a TV show on that never potrayed black people in a negative light once staying away from sterio types… He was very much considered and upstanding citizen and went above and beyond to help people…How do you square that against what he is being accused of doing. The Rape jokes were a setup for that. He wasn’t just advocating rape as a source of comedy… Same with the LGBT communities civil rights that’s happening…. He is really pointing out to them that America won’t change overnight even if you win in court… Comdians use humor to speak the truth to us often times it’s not what is said but what did they mean.

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