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Is Pinterest Racist?

Pinterest is hands down one of the best places to find inspiration. This is why it’s so frustrating when you don’t see your own people represented in the search results. Having to type “black” before typing beauty and families has been the only way to see diversity on Pinterest. This is funny because they represent women with an ethnic quality, but don’t want to represent the source.

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    I noticed this when I was looking for photography inspiration. I like to capture the beauty of black women. I typed in “portrait photography” into the browser hoping to find at least a couple of photographs of black women, but nothing. Concluding that my search was too vague, I then typed in “portrait photography black women”. Only a few images of black women popped up. Majority of them were women of European decent in black and white photos. How frustrating. Even after typing in “black women” I still did not get the results I wanted. As you said, Pinterest is an incredibly useful tool. However, this is something that seriously needs to be considered and fixed.

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