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Deandre Harris Speaks on Being Assaulted by White Supremacists During Charlottesville Rally

One of the victims of the race riot on Saturday during a “Unite the Right” rally in Virginia speaks out to tell the story of how he was badly beaten.

TUT Staff



Saturday, while attending an anti-hate rally in counterprotest to the white nationalist rally, Deandre Harris was severely beaten by a group of white supremacists armed with poles.

He was one of 30 individuals who were attacked during the demonstration, one woman and two officers died while others were injured.

After setting up a GoFundMe account for his medical bills where he collected over $100K in 24 hours Deandre speaks out publicly for the first time. “They were beating me with poles. I have eight staples in my head, a broken wrist and a chipped tooth,” Harris said. “I was losing so much blood the people at the hospital told me I was lucky,” he reassured him. He also details how he was able to survive, thanks to his friends noticing him and to a woman he only knows as Karen helping him to remain conscious.

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