Leaked Chats Show White Supremacists Plans of Running Over Counter Protestors in Charlottesville

Counter protesters in Charlottesville now have a sufficient amount of proof against white supremacists and their intent during the “Unite the Right” rally that left one woman dead.

Charlottesville counter protestors found incriminating evidence against the White Supremacists that details their planned intentions at the “Unite the Right” rally that saw a woman die and scores injured during the Charlottesville riots.

According to the leaked chats from Discord chat platform, some users reportedly made jokes and plans of using violence to disrupt the rally slated for 12th August. The leaked chats by aWired report show that the users of the Discord chat platform discussed how they would violently attack specific people based on their color with their cars.

The leaked conversations from a left-wing media outlet, Unicorn Riot before the rally took place show how the counter protesters planned to fight for the “white race”. One of the users suggested that they should drive over the protestors in the rally as it would not be considered an offense since they would be blocking the roadway. Some of the users talked about how they would invade an outdoor back to school party of blacks to incite racial war which they acronymized as “RAHOWA”.

The management of Discord has condemned the ill use of the platform to spread hate and the taken necessary action on the accounts of the users involved in the leaked chats. The official statement read that they shut down the accounts and the alright.com server that was directly linked to the violence experienced in the Charlottesville demonstrations.

The attorney handling cases presented by two women against the Neo-Nazis, Timothy Litzenburg said that the leaked chats will be presented in the court as evidence of planned violent force at the rally. The mocking of the death of Heather Heyer and Marcus Martin who were hit by James Alex Fields car, discussions on weapon uses, and the illegal tracking of police scanners is also set to be tabled as evidence in the cases of deliberate attacks on the peaceful protestors.

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