5 Ideas to Knock Your Kid’s Next Birthday Party Out of the Park

Do you dread coming up with ideas for your child’s birthday party every year? It’s not that you dislike your child’s birthday – it’s just that it requires a lot of thought and effort. Or does it?

Do you dread coming up with ideas for your child’s birthday party every year? It’s not that you dislike your child’s birthday – it’s just that it requires a lot of thought and effort. Or does it?

Try These Memorable Party Ideas

In a world that’s increasingly defined by the content you push out on social media, it’s tempting to treat simple things as more important than they are. If you aren’t careful, something as seemingly trivial as a child’s birthday party can quickly become a referendum on your status as a loving and caring parent. Whether right or wrong, we all feel this pressure. 

For starters, it’s important to recognize that the quality of your child’s birthday party has nothing to do with your quality of parenting. Some of the world’s best parents throw quiet family gatherings without posting a single picture or video on social media, while some of the world’s most disengaged parents live-stream lavish birthday bashes for the world to see. 

Secondly, it’s helpful to know that you don’t have to spend weeks planning an expensive birthday party for your six-year-old child. You can throw a memorable party without a significant investment of time and money. Here are some ideas:

Sky Zone Party

There’s something to be said for choosing a birthday party event venue where you pay a flat fee and get everything included. With over 160 locations in the United States, there’s likely a Sky Zone location near you. 

“Sky Zone locations have an event host who will work with you and your family and friends to put the perfect celebration together,” Sky Zone explains. “Your party pro is the dedicated party-day host that helps guide your experience and keep the action moving along. Our packages make for easy decision making, and you can also add specific upgrades to your party to make your birthday party unique for your needs.”

Craft Party

Few party ideas are as versatile and widely appealing as a craft party. From young children to tweens, this is a party that you can use and reuse for many years. 

A craft party is simple, cheap, and highly engaging. Grab some ideas on Pinterest, head to your local craft supply store, and put up a few tables in the backyard. From decorating t-shirts and making jewelry to making wooden toys and picture frames, the only constraint to this party is the creative limits of your guests. 

Movie Party

Kids love movies because they’re entertaining. Parents love movies because they keep kids entertained. This makes a movie party the perfect birthday bash. 

With a movie party, you can either rent out a showing at a local movie theater, take the kids to a movie, or you can simply invite kids over to your house for a cozy showing in your living room or backyard. Popcorn, snacks, and movie-themed decor can really elevate the latter experience. 

Pool Party

What kid doesn’t love a good pool party? Pool parties have wide appeal – so it’s a safe call if you’re worried about pleasing everyone – and they’re also super simple to plan. All you need is a swimming pool, a few pool toys, and some refreshing snacks. If you want to take things to the next level, plan a few pool games to get the competitive juices flowing.

Build-A-Bear Party

Build-A-Bear parties are fun and easy. They include everything you could ever need to keep everyone happy. As long as you have at least five guests, you get a party leader, free invitations and thank you notes, and furry friends for everyone. Some of the options can be expensive, but there are multiple tiers of packages to choose from. Select the one that fits your budget!

Putting it All Together

Remember to ask your child what he or she wants. You may be surprised to learn that they have much lower expectations than you. Something as simple as a pool party with an ice cream cake is enough to get most kids excited. Take a cue from your child and relax. A memorable birthday party doesn’t require as much time or money as you think.

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