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Jim Crow 2.0

Affirmative action has been part of our social and political landscape for over fifty years now, ever since JFK signed an executive order in 1961 that…

Darth on the Wall
Hitting the Wall

You may not be aware of this, but there are people occupying a small park near Wall Street, right now. It all kicked off with a march of about a thous…

Hip-Hop Quotable of the Week

Hello UrbanERS, Once again I’m digging in the Nicki Minaj goody basket, for a batch of tongue twisting mind blowing lyrics. This week’s ly…

Nicki Minaj Pink Friday
Hip-Hop Quotable of the WEEK

Hello Urban Heads, THIS is the FIRST of a daily series that will feature the lyrics of today’s prominent Hip-Hop Stars. You are invited to voice…

Give It Away Now

It looks like Democrats are going to take some big hits in November. If you just asked yourself— What’s happening in November? —you’re part of the pro…

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