Did the Government Destroy the Levees in New Orleans?

Do you remember when Hurricane Katrina ripped through New Orleans and caused the levees to break causing thousands upon thousands of people to evacuate the city?  Okay, I think anyone clever enough to navigate this article can remember the scenes that took place in New Orleans in 2005.  I\’m sure you can also remember the extremely poor response by our government to assist the people of New Orleans.  Its with great irony that we are looking back to the 4 year anniversary of the Iraq war where we\’ve spent billions of dollars while people in this country suffer everyday. 

Did the government intentionally bomb the levees because they felt that the impoverished people of New Orleans were a detriment?  Here is what Minister Louis Farrakhan had to say about the conspiracy theory that the government blew up the levees.  What do you think?

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