Goodbye Sanjaya!

Sanjaya Malakar finally gets his just due. America finally wisen up and votes the wanna-be teenie-bopper home.
Goodbye Sanjaya!
Goodbye Sanjaya!

I was watching American Idol last night and there was a complete shocker slash controversy in the works.  Lakeisha was in the bottom three!

Now if you’ve been following the show, you would know that Lakiesha got some pipes on her and there is no way that she should be at the bottom…ever.  Her and Melinda, who I think will win by the way, have been running this competition by far.  But to America’s credit, Lakiesha hasn’t stepped up her game recently as she has in the past so all in all I couldn’t really blame them for voting her there.

The controversy was that Sanjaya was in the bottom two with her so I was hoping that he would go to avoid a controversy of unknown proportions ever to man.  If Sanjaya would’ve made it through to the next round over Lakiesha, I can asssure you that millions of people would have broke their televisions by grabbing the closest thing to them and launching it at their sets.  Insurance claims would’ve been sky high for those plasma sets that just went on sale at Circuit City.

Well anyway…thankfully that didn’t happen.  Watch Sanjaya getting voted off below.

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